Plone 6 Documentation Update 2022-03-29 - plone.restapi incorporated

This post provides an update to the Plone 6 Documentation.

First I want to personally thank @sneridagh, @ksuess, @tiberiuichim, @jensens, @tisto, @MrTango, @ktsrivastava29, and all the other people who contributed, and provided reviews and feedback.

This project is under very active development. Contributions are welcome. Read more for how to participate.


  • Incorporated plone.restapi documentation.
  • Added Volto Storybook deployment. Storybooks provides a preview and document of widgets.
  • Prefix documentation make targets in Volto with docs-.
  • Make links be compatible between both Volto and Plone documentation.
  • Add images chapter to classic-ui docs.
  • Fix broken links in Volto documentation.
  • Fix incorrect links in Documentation
  • Update sphinx-book-theme to v0.3.0 and pin to avoid unexpected and breaking deployments. Fix breaking changes to styles.
  • Switch from docs-linkcheckbroken to docs-linkcheck because the former is broken.
  • Specify the language in code-blocks in Volto to improve syntax highlighting.
  • Run Netlify in Volto repository only when there are updates to its docs directory to reduce consumption of build minutes.
  • Replace with MyST references.

Project Board item counts

Here are our current counts on the Release Plone 6 docs project board .

documentation volto plone.restapi total
Todo 22 5 1 28
In Progress 2 0 1 3
Closed 23 22 3 48
Total 47 27 5 79

Next steps

How to contribute

  • We have many open issues that need your help.
  • Join the "Plone Docs" Netlify Open Source Team. Please ask on Discord in the #documentation channel to become a member of the team.

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