Plone 6 Documentation Update 2023-04-13 - Curating Trainings and dark mode is coming

It's been over six months since I posted updates about Documentation and Trainings. We have some major updates to announce.

I want to personally thank all the people who contributed, and provided reviews and feedback: @avoinea, @cguardia, @danalvrz, @davisagli, @ericof, @erral, @jensens, @ksuess, @loechel, @mauritsvanrees, @MAX-786, @mrtango, @nileshgulia1, @pbauer, @Rudd-O, @SaiRev0, @sneridagh, @tiberiuichim, @toalba.

This project is under very active development. Contributions are welcome. Read more for how to participate. Several members of the Documentation Team will be participating at the Beethoven Sprint, both in person and remotely. Heck, we might even release the Plone 6 Documentation before Plone 6.1 is released! (that's a lie)


Training has undergone a major overhaul.

During the Documentation Sprint at PloneConf, we had a change of plans with Trainings. See the old plans at Kill off Hugo site for Training? - #3 by pbauer.

The Hugo site is gone, and its repository has been archived.

We can pretty up the new Trainings home page using the Sphinx extension sphinx-design. See Use sphinx-design to improve home page layout · Issue #671 · plone/training · GitHub.

Trainings have been curated. Older obsolete trainings are now archived on the branch 2022. Older trainings are now forever preserved at a new site, Its content is automatically deployed from the 2022 branch. Going forward, a new archive will be added every year after the trainings at each PloneConf.

Dark mode

We have been unintentionally testing dark mode on a few of the repositories where we neglected to pin versions of Sphinx, sphinx_book_theme, and its parent theme pydata_sphinx_theme. Oopsie! With Trainings becoming the official test subject, we expect to roll out these changes to all the other repositories that build their own documentation, including the main Plone 6 Documentation and Plone REST API. Of course, you are welcome to adopt this Plone theme for any of your projects.

Other Major Achievements

  • Removed Google Analytics tags, and replaced with, or install, Matomo for analytics for Training, Documentation, and plone.restapi.


We have made strides toward incorporating more documentation from other Plone projects. This is a huge effort that requires subject matter experts.



Project Board item counts

Here are our current counts on the Release Plone 6 docs project board.

Repository New Todo In Progress Approved Done Total
documentation 1 55 18 0 171 245
volto 0 18 1 0 103 122
plone.restapi 0 2 0 0 39 41
plone.api 0 2 0 0 15 17
training 0 7 1 0 41 49
plone-backend 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 1
buildout.coredev 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 4
plone.volto 0 0 0 0 3 3 0 0 0 0 1 1
plone.staticresources 0 0 0 0 1 1
total 1 87 20 0 378 487

A Burn up / CFD graph shows our progress since Jan 15, 2022. The pace of work being completed is fairly consistent, whereas the number of In Progress (abandoned?) and Todo issues and pull requests increased.

Next steps

How to contribute

  • We have many open issues that need your help.
  • Join the "Plone Docs" Netlify Open Source Team. Please ask on Discord in the #documentation channel to become a member of the team.

Previous updates


Thanks a lot

I m looking forward to contributing more to plone and the open-source community.


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