Plone 6 Documentation ready for contributions

This post describes the status of Plone 6 Documentation to date.


  • Plone 6 Documentation is under active development. This is a huge team effort, with many people making contributions, reporting issues, and reviewing pull requests. I'd like to personally thank @ksuess, @MrTango, @polyester, @tkimnguyen, @sneridagh, and @spereverde for their contributions and putting up with me. :wink: More help is needed and welcome.
  • The active development branch is 6-dev. Pull requests should be made against this branch.
  • We have a project board under the Plone GitHub organization Release Plone 6 docs.
  • Issues may be reported and commented on at Please assign new issues to the Release Plone 6 docs project. Also please label the issues with 99 tag: Plone6.x and optionally 33 needs: docs and other labels as appropriate.
  • We have a Discord channel #documentation for ongoing discussion and meetings.
  • We plan to have meetings every two weeks in Discord in #training-docs. Details will be announced.
  • We are starting clean and will keep the structure flat. Content must be relevant and correct, and content from Plone 5.x docs and Training docs must be reviewed before merging.
  • We have chosen Sphinx as the builder of Plone 6 Documentation with MyST syntax. This allows us to use Markdown (CommonMark) and reStructuredText for writing documentation.
  • We chose sphinx-book-theme as our base theme, and have customized it.
  • The platform and theme choices are identical with the Plone Trainings documentation. This will make it easier to cross-reference, and potentially integrate, both documentation sets.
  • Plone 6 Documentation local builds are possible again. See Building and Checking the Quality of Documentation under Contributing to Plone Documentation.
  • We've added live reload in the browser when making changes with sphinx-autobuild.
  • We will enforce valid links with linkcheck (no more links to dead blog posts).
  • We will gradually improve spellcheck (which has a long way to go, but catches some obvious misspellings already).
  • We have also implemented a lot of nice features that the Trainings documentation already has. That includes copying code with a single click, Glossary, Index, and Sitemap.
  • Established the first wireframe for the structure of documentation with actual but empty pages. This structure will evolve as more work is performed.
  • We are focusing first on documenting the developer experience, and treating the documentation primarily as a reference manual. End user documentation will come later, and will likely consist of porting docs from Trainings and Plone 5.x. We love our end users, but we gotta take care of our developers first so that they can create spaces for end users.

Next steps

Finally take it for a test drive:


Ha, I got the forwarding ok? :nerd_face:

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What a monumental effort! Looking forward to the journey

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