Plone Open Garden 2018 in Sorrento, April 9-13, 2018

I'd like to start discussion on Plone Open Garden in Sorrento, for April 2018.

I'm thinking that a principal sprint/discussion topic would be headless Plone. As we saw in Barcelona, there has been impressive and significant progress made in that direction, and one of the most popular training classes in Barcelona was Building Angular 4 apps using the Plone REST API:

  • Guillotina's gotten a lot of momentum
  • Plone's RESTAPI is being used a lot in production
  • Angular SDK for Plone
  • React for Plone
  • Pastanaga UI
  • Zope 4

So, shall we plan to do another (the 12th?) PLOG and work on headless Plone?

I'd be happy to see a PLOG happen (in Sorrento!), and to help organize it.
And the few voices I've heard about it in Barcelona raised some concerns, which I think we should address at the same time as we are discussing the theme of a tentative PLOG 2018. My take on those concerns is that they are centered around the overall calendar of Plone sprints and events in 2018, namely that there are already two events planned for the first quarter of the year, i.e. the Innsbruck sprint and the Berlin Plone Tagung, unless I'm forgetting others. I know there are also some React and Angular conferences in Europe in the first and second quarter, which some people plan to attend.
Typically, the Hotel Mediterraneo extends their special rate to us in the week after Easter, which next year falls on April 1st. In this scenario, PLOG would be from April 3rd to 6th (Tue - Fri). Of course, we should check with the Hotel whether this assumption is correct.

I think we need to get a rough headcount of people planning to attend, or definitely not attending as a first priority.

As for the topic, I think Pastanaga might reach a pretty solid state by then and could be the galvanizing force all other aspects of our headless story really need. It could also be a strong piece of

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We have an event on, so you know it's serious now :slight_smile:

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We have been working with the hotel, and we now have the dates: April 9-13, 2018, and the room rates (which include amazingly good breakfasts and dinners) are:

  • Single: 150 €
  • Double: 160 €
  • Triple: 180 €

We will update this thread once we have the registration process in place.

Please see the event page for details.

Trivago prices show a double starting at 87 Euro, not 160.


Do they include the meals? We are also getting the usual full basement and garden meeting spaces.

As far as I know these prices are for the whole room and include breakfast and dinner. They are actually a little cheaper than in previous years and a very good deal.

Please help us by letting us know if you're planning to come. The hotel will start to require some numbers for planning purposes soon. Thank you!

  • I'm planning to come
  • I'm not coming
  • I'm unsure still

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PS: If we get fewer than approximately 20 attendees we may end up canceling for this year

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I saw the potential dates a few days ago. Unfortunately I won't be able to come as my second child will be born at the end of March ... :slight_smile: and :frowning:

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we were talking about Sorrento yesterday with my wife... with two kids is getting more and more complex to travel :sweat_smile:


Yeah, let's go to Sorrento!

Congratulations! We'll raise an Aperol Spritz to your newborn and its
proud parents!

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Just one? :slight_smile:

PLOG 2018 is cancelled.