Plone Team Leader Meeting 2018-01-19


  • Philip Bauer (training)
  • Victor Fernandez de Alba (frontend)
  • Vincent Fretin (translation)
  • T. Kim Nguyen (communications/marketing, conference)
  • Paul Roeland (documentation, Board)
  • Eric Steele (release)
  • Timo Stollenwerk (testing & continuous integration)
  • Sven Strack (documentation, admin & infrastructure)


  • Kim: Please go to this poll to indicate if you plan to go to Sorrento: Plone Open Garden 2018 in Sorrento, April 9-13, 2018 hoping to get to 20 attendees

  • Timo: Beethoven sprint proceeding in Bonn; we could hold a Plone React sprint in the US where there are many potentially interested sprinters; Roel would be happy to come

  • New releases that include hotfix? Plone hotfix changes have been merged, some Zope hotfixes still need to be merged

  • Eric: 5.1 looks good, no blockers, but still waiting on Zope hotfix merging; will poke people to get this done

    • Releasing while requiring a hotfix doesn’t look great for us

    • Plan on some marketing work a few days before we go to final release.

  • status: last attempt to obtain the domain; otherwise just work around it with and change buildouts; only really old buildouts are affected. Existing buildout configs on have been updated to point to our copies, not the ones.

  • Vincent: resynchronized translation .po files in preparation for 5.1: “resynced plone.po on master: 64 added, 38 removed”

  • Sven: Docs team work going slowly, mostly AI team work at the moment

    • Test infrastructure in place, working well. Plone install is required for the plone.api tests, makes things more complex
  • Kim: success stories backlog clearing (thanks to Chrissy Wainwright), Foundation sponsorships; newsletter takes more resources than we have right now

  • Victor: Pastanaga, Plone React, 2 more sprints (kitconcept, Iskra),

  • plone.restapi 1.0 IS FINALLY OUT

  • (Eric Bréhault)

  • Sven: rewrote Ansible playbooks, fully tested, Docker, vagrant, LXD (?), deployments are automatically documented; improved roles;

  • Paul: Cris Ewing wrangling up everyone nicely for Google Summer of Code 2018 paperwork due Monday; going to strongarm potential mentors; we have a PyCon booth and likely a EuroPython one

  • Philip: not much news from Framework team except a new member (Alessandro Pisa/Syslab)

  • Philip: Godefroid Chapelle coming to Innsbruck sprint next week, porting CMF to Python 3 with Andreas Zeidler

  • Kim: server will not be used for 2018; try to simplify the playbooks; tarball or JSON export of 2017 site content; export 2016 and 2017 sites to static, move those and the 2015 static export to the dedicated static site server Sven has set up