Cancelled: Plone Open Garden 2018

With great regret, I have to let you know that we will not be going to Sorrento this year for PLOG. The projected number of participants would not justify it. Among the factors for these low numbers is probably the planning of several important sprints in the month immediately preceding and following the PLOG dates, as well as PloneConf being in Tokyo this year, which many people are hopefully saving up for.
We are thinking ahead at 2019, and hope that you will consider PLOG as your venue and occasion for any important work or discussions you want to organize. Ideal would be another strategic sprint. (I don't need to remind anyone of the awesome setting, but just in case:

Thanks, and sorry if you were looking forward to it, as we were.
Fulvio and Kim and Paula

sorry to hear that. at least that frees some time for other sprints for me.

thank you guys for keeping orgenizing this, but very sorry to hear.
I really like the place and the mood there.
Hope to meet many plonistas next year there :wink:

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Sorry to hear! I have nothing but wonderful memories when I think of Sorrento. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend this year...