Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2021-04-01

Minutes of previous meeting March 18th 2021 posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Erico, Norbert, William


  • Current issues
  • News and events
  • Other issues

Current issues

  • Greetings from Pythonwebconf?
    • 3 plone talks.
    • News item later when videos are public

News and events

  • Videos are available! -> 60 days of tweets of presentation plonecms twitter
    • OK, scheduled for the next 2 weeks mon-fri
    • News item on the ploneconf videos. Still todo
      • Plone channel
      • Community forum


  • To generate more content to Plone youtube channel
  • World Plone Day 2021 — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure
    • Schedule
    • Info on how to send videos/host events
    • Other info
    • Promote the multilingual
  • Need a designer to create some slides for the Intro
    • World plone day
    • Link to info page
    • Links to plone, twitter, github
  • Info on call for papers
    • We need to push more.
      • Ask for presenters in Twitter, ping personally
    • Will contact some possible speakers over the next few days
  • Will try different video mixing platforms
  • Reuse stuff from Plone channel to fill the gaps
  • Quick checkup next week

  • Minisprint 2 very successful! Progress on content and theme.

    • Create a news item on this, and a community post.
      • But wait until the latest changes are online on
  • Information architecture of the site

  • There are news items that just sit there?

    • William: Rotate responsibility?
      • → Sally and William will volunteer on being the frontline of reviewing and publishing news items and events.
        • -> Ping Rikupekka to Tweet about news item
  • Old news items from structured text to normal?

  • News item image sizes, need to decide

    • OK, decided on last minisprint
    • Activate plone image cropping. Behavior for news items. Active
  • Next minisprint on content/theming?

    • After WPD on may, Suggesting 8-9th May.

Other issues

  • Idea: Plone out of the box -video series, for beginners, multilingual versions
    • Easy way to set up Plone with Docker
    • Using OBS
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