Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2021-04-15

April 15th 2021

Minutes of previous meeting April 4th 2021 posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Erico, William, Sally


  • Focus on World Plone Day only


  • New video platform: StreamYard
  • Can handle scheduling, different compositions, youtube streaming and recording etc. Easy to use.
  • A. Process for live streamings:
    • Create a broadcast
    • YouTube as destination
    • Add Title, Description, Privacy as Public
    • Schedule it for later
      • Add a thumbnail image
      • Select date
  • B. Process for recordings
    • Create a broadcast
    • YouTube as destination
    • Add Title, Description, Privacy as Private
    • After recording go to YouTube and schedule publication in YouTube
  • Content
    • Organized in a sheet, collected submissions with a form.
    • Plone Edu organizing
    • panel with Marketing Team
    • Still need to get more content
      • Ask for presenters, ping personally
      • Follow ups
      • LAST push: During Steering Circle Tue 20th
  • Plone 6 presentation:
    • Goal: 10-15 slides about Plone 6
    • Record videos in as many languages as we can
    • Clear vision on communication about Plone 6.
      • Customer language, not too technical
    • Push after WPD also
  • World Plone Day 2021 — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure
    • Schedule (8 live sessions, about 40 in total)
      • Should we create an event per talk, maybe
        • Link to youtube-video, slides
        • Could have a custom content type
    • Info on how to send videos/host events
    • Other info
    • Promote the multilingual
  • Need a designer to create some slides for the Intro - OK, partly done
    • Need to change YouTube banner: OK, done
  • RECORDINGS / LIVE process:
    • Schedule with speakers
      • Let’s breakdown the list and do the scheduling
    • Create broadcast on StreamYard
      • Get the YouTube URL and add it to the spreadsheet/event page
    • Recording / Live
      • One of us needs to be the host for every session (no need to appear on the video, but push banners, set layout, press the recording button)
    • Just for recordings:
      • Make sure scheduling is done correctly on YouTube
  • Marketing efforts:
    • Use #WPD2021 and #plone
    • Schedule tweets before every talk
    • Write a news item when we have the complete schedule
    • Playlist on youtube

Continuation on planning on April 16th

Èrico, Rikupekka, Sally


  • Fill the sheet with detaills, contact people
  • Make sure info is ok at Streamyard
    • Title, speaker names, email, twitter, status, prerecorded
  • Create Streamyard stream (plone, private (if prerecorded), title, description (blank))
  • Copy the generated Streamyard link from URL and add to the sheet
  • Open in Youtube, copy link and add to the sheet
  • In Youtube, you can click Edit video ->
  • After the event: Add title slide for all the videos -> export jpeg images for every presentation.
  • 0:00 UTC is the start time on 28th April
  • If you want to show a video during your talk -> use Chrome. Or don’t use videos in your presentation.
  • Have a speaker info version of how to do the Streamyard - OK

Next: marketing team meeting/WPD recording at monday 19th April

Next marketin team meeting April 29th.