Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2020-10-01

Minutes of previous meeting posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, Norbert, Erico


Next news items

  • success story from Sixfeetup ready, where to put it?
    • They will go on, as a news item, with reg news, tagged "Success Story".
  • How about a news item on the theming sprint - we could interview Peter Holzer for details
  • How did Zope sprint go? - Lets ask Michael Howitz


  • We need to talk to our connections to solicit talks.

    • Talks about what is wrong with Plone would be welcome!
    • Assigned who is doing what for social media channels (see Google doc)
    • Publicize call for papers is first priority
    • Need to get admin rights on the mailman lists (conf and membership)
  • The mailman lists need to remain up through the conference

    • Make a spreadsheet with a tweeting schedule (and news items and mailing list)
  • Other tasks in helping to promote the conference and other issues

  • - homepage featuring conference - can we come up with something less cluttered?

    • Let's replace the middle 3 buttons with an image for Confererence
  • 9/10 board minutes say "Fairware, marketing team will investigate" - taken care of, ok.

  • Whether to use image captions => Don't use, add to style guide

  • Whether to use callouts

    • Need to add to style guide when to use, and improve the theming
      Include distinction between callouts and blockquotes
  • Add-on popularity contest has been part of last 3 conferences: Is this still useful?

    • Lightning talk and/or news item about recommended add ons
      • => Use the polling app on - but that only
      • allows choosing from a pre-configured list, so no good…
    • Explore setting up a Google form or Survey Monkey
      • but what would we want the form to collect?
    • Return to this topic next meeting
  • Do we want to try to get the add-on add-on finished so we can use that?
    => Sally to find out status from Alexander (it recently got updated)

  • High level, Norbert's suggestions, shall we proceed?
    => Didn't discuss, discuss at next meeting

  • Handling ancient .rst docs - can we enable viewing .rst on so we
    can convert?
    => Erico will look into

  • Site search results are being messed up by our tagging exercise with recent modify dates
    => Erico to do some script work to take care of, will replace use of modify date with effective or create date

Piero could not come and we did not have time to discuss staging or theming

Next meeting October 17th 2020.
Meanwhile, helping to promote ploneconf 2020 in different ways.

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