Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2020-10-15

Minutes of previous meeting posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, Norbert, Erico


  • Next news items
  • Plone Conference marketing
  • Other issues


  • Next news items
    • success story from Sixfeetup ready, where to put it?
      • They will go on, as a news item, with reg news, tagged "Success Story"
    • News item on the theming sprint - in progress
    • Questions for steering circle - in progress
    • Ploneconf registration announcement - in progress
      • Ploneconf call for papers and general conf news
    • New Plone foundation member news item -> in progress

Plone conference

  • Conference planning meetings
  • Marketing tasks listed in a sheet, continuous
  • Registration to open soon
  • Talk proposals
    • Contact the usual suspects to solicit more talks
      • -> Guillotina, volto, zope, pylons/pyramid
    • Lets discuss on how to push this
    • 3 simultaneous tracks, potentially 40-50 talks planned; Erico will look at the schedule draft
  • 2013 conf tweet on saturday, flickr and portuguese.
    • Proposal: Tweets in different languages by Ploneconf. Create a Google doc.
    • Ask Plone-followers to follow Ploneconf.
  • Add date information to -> OK
  • Erico will look at 2019 pages to see if we can use that for 2020 pages somehow
  • Send email to mailing list(s), Rikupekka, Erico (brazilian) - ok (short discussion)

  • Lead images on news items
    • 400300 px -> scales to frontpage as 200150 - we agreed to this scale
    • Sally will convert as many of the recent news items as possible to this aspect ratio, report next meeting how it goes
  • Norbert started making some mock content on a running local environment
    • Need to coordinate with Fulvio - will contact on Slack
    • Try doing small improvements, like a new template for collections.
    • Next marketing meeting more time for this discussion on this.
  • Footer links check
    • Remove these(?):
      • user groups [yes, and retract that page, very outdated]
      • Additional documentation link [Don't mind that redundancy]
      • Sites using plone [yes, goes to success stories]
        • [Commercial services also goes to ]
      • Report website issues [yes ]
      • [About this site is outdated and should probably be removed]
      • [Maybe don't remove Planet Plone until we have a replacement.]
    • LinkedIn - still active -> rather direct to Gitter? [The Plone LinkedIn group used to get occasional short articles about how people were using Plone, not really like Gitter. No idea current status, someone who uses LinkedIn should check.]
  • Theming

Review action items:

  • Review footer links, fix what can be easily fixed
    and make a list of what needs discussion, including possible restructure
  • Send everyone byline proposal and eveyone respond
  • Clean up old tags, as proposed
  • [/] Plone theming news item - started

Other issues

  • What to do about the backlog of success stories - put on a future agenda.

Next meeting October 29th 2020.