Plone communications and marketing team meeting 2020-07-23 - renewal

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, William, Fulvio, Norbert, Erico

This meeting was mainly focused on a discussion about renewal and improvements one way or the other.

Done stuff: and renewal, meeting agenda

  • Why we are here: AND -renewal is vital(?)
    • Everyone's thoughts on the topic
  • Goal/scope - important to aim high enough but achievable
  • Content - what content the users most need/want
  • Technology (didn't get this far)
  • Resources, identify people (didn't get this far)
  • Roadmap - short timeframe and long run
  • Action items - what next, and who

Everyone's thoughts on

  • Two sites vs. one
    • Needs work for sure, no strong ideas whether to separate two sites
    • No strong opinion about separate vs. together
    • No strong opinions but leans toward reuniting with
    • don't think should be separate
    • The community does not have bandwidth for 2 sites
    • Google does not like 2 separate sites
    • Likes the separation between .org and .com
    • Difficult to maintain as is - should be on the same platform
    • .com as a subsite themed differently?
  • needs a style and content refresh desperately - short term project
  • Think something like this could/should be homepage of, that's
    part of a bigger redesign project
  • Would like to ultimately see a website that can promote all the pieces we have, sort of like different sites
  • Remember foundation and community also includes Zope, Gullotina, should be visible
  • We need to address the brand issue, hardest problem

Discussion on the agenda

  • We are sort of in the same position as Apache - some think of the old web server, but it's much more than that these days.
  • We need a site about the Foundation and all it does, like the Apache Foundation site
  • Brochureware site less useful for decision-makers than a PDF brochure?
  • We do have a fancy modern cms -> that should host the website (not static and BE the brochure itself.
  • could be a Gatsby site pulling the brochureware content
    from the main site
  • Having many sites is not a bad idea given that we have so many things going on
  • Note: Drupal and Concrete5 sites similarly point to subsites for different
  • Common top nav/menubar as unifying element for all the different "properties"
  • What are the audiences for the site, what do they need?
    • community - what's happening
    • developers - docs, training, downloads, add-ons, how to get started
    • decision-makers - like
  • If the website looks modern and slick and pretty people think it's good - we have to make the site look good
  • is on an old beta version of 5.1! With a complicated diazo
    theme based on Barceloneta - do we want to keep going with that or ditch it
  • Use some CSS hacks to make at least certain pages look better? And better yet, improve the overall styling for the whole site
  • The less file that is normally part of Barceloneta would hopefully be a starting point

Short term plan

  • Fix content issues
  • Experiment with styling improvements
  • Look at other CMS's websites and look for ideas

Long term ideas

  • Use Volto to make a new site
  • Shoot for plone 6/volto within one year
  • But don't jump on plone 6 too soon, could get stuck on a beta again
  • Content migration, new theme, everything - large task, needs details
  • Need to fix some things as soon as possible
  • Need to target 1 year timeframe to rebuild etc.
  • Could use the same headless backend to support subsites that use different
    themes and technologies - volto, gatsby, classic
  • Could be added gradually?
  • Who will help? Need to reach out for the community when we have a more detailed plan.

Next meeting: August 6th, 2020

If you're interested in helping this team, please contact @rioksane

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