Plone communications and marketing team meeting 2020-09-03

Minutes of previous meeting posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, Fulvio, Erico, Norbert


  1. Announcements and news
  2. Governance
  3. Plone Conference - situation, how to help
  4. renewal
  5. Done stuff
  6. Other


News Items

  • Some Items in the pipeline. Decided on who works on which ones.
  • Should we schedule an announcement/news item before every steering circle to gather questions from the community -> yes. Where to send questions. Topic to Discuss it with the board. Create or similar or discussion forum.
  • To publish:
    • Needs review.
  • Call for Steering Circle questions - for 2nd one.
  • News item about What is Plone
  • Decide the list of tags for news items. Decided
    • Create a sheet/list of news items and who looks through them.

Plone Governance

discussion at the board:

  • Some noteworthy discussion, related to marketing
    • Celebrate community member achievements.
      --> We are plone news items tackles this. Once a month would be really good.
    • Define "The Values of Plone". Benefits: a yardstick to measure our decisions against.
    • Gather feedback on Plone's strengths and challenges. Benefits: allows us to become better aware of our customers and make better decisions.
      • Current and former clients - ask how they are doing with other cms's. -> Wow would they compare that to Plone. What questions to ask, how to phrase them.
  • Action items for marketing team?
    • → We are plone news items tackles this. Once a month would be really good. Lets make a list. People have really interesting cases and we could highlight them through here.

Plone Conference - situation, how to help

  • The conference, this year, next year.
  • Marketing team needed
  • Details from the organizers
  • Meeting with them
  • Todo
    • News item
    • Event for next year, this year too, updates
    • Tweets
    • Send info to the conference mailing list
    • Community post too, after the news item
    • Conference website, using Sixfeetup system.
    • Call to papers news/tweet - renewal, what next

  • Local dev site set up at
  • We agree we need to think about and decide on the info architecture
    before we launch the long term project
  • is a good reference
    • Each one of us to propose a better site map
  • Schedule another focused meeting for a month from now -> 17th September ok
  • Could use dev site to tweak theme
  • Can use server


  • Created draft of Matthew Wilkes news item, looking for an anecdote to spice it up
  • Came up with a proposed list of news item tags, at the end of this message
  • project
    • Reviewed and did a minor reorg of News section
      • All News Items since 2016 are in an appropriate year folder
      • All Images since 2016 are in an images folder in the year folder
      • Photos folder has 2012-2015 images
      • Old News folder has pre-2016 News Items
      • Document the structure in the Style Guide
      • Question: Do we really need a Style Guide (for editors only) portlet? -> no
    • Blocked right portlets (Events) on top-level tiled pages Support, Foundation, Security - they look much better!
    • Question: maybe the "How to promote Plone" guide should go under the marketing team, it doesn't seem right here:
    • Reviewed Events - this really needs work, I have some ideas...

A proposed list of tags based on review of news items through 5/2018:

  • Foundation (including Foundation Board and Foundation Sponsors)
  • Sprint (including Sprint Report)
  • Volto
  • RestAPI or Plone IO (or separate?)
  • Guillotina
  • Zope
  • Success Story or Plone Site
  • Conference (including Symposia)
  • Python (including Python 3)
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Security (including hotfix announcements and pre-announcements)
  • Press Release (meaning a longer item?)
  • Google Summer of Code (including Summer of Docs)
  • Announcement (could be of a sprint, conference, registration opened...)
  • Release
  • Community or We Are Plone (such as announcing a prize, a book, a donation,

-> went through and refined

Other issues

  • Initiatives, resources, assets
  • Plone (and zope) at wikipedia in different languages:
    • Call for help to find maintainers for language versions. Based on the English version that is maintained by us.
  • Newsletter would be good:
  • Screencasts on Volto and others would be good
  • Page on how awesome the community is
  • Next meeting Sep 17th 2020. -> focus on
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