Plone Communications and Marketing Team Meeting 2020-09-23 - renewal

Minutes of previous meeting posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, William, Norbert, Erico (Fulvio can't make it)

Focus: improvement

Marketing meeting - Rikupekka, Erico, William, Norbert, Sally

Topic this meeting is

Short round on how people feel about it

  • One of the biggest problems was branding issue. What Is Plone helped us get a grip on that and partially solved it
  • Agrees What Is Plone helps. Tagging content had him remembering how things used to be - there were lots of people contributing news content, very vibrant, we need to think about how to get back to this
  • Does not have a strong vision for where to go, sees himself in a support role, agrees about What Is Plone
  • Wants to put big 2021 re-do on back burner and focus on improving what we have before the conference, there is a lot of good stuff there. Improve content and also styling
  • Looked at sitemap and proposed some reorganizing. Really likes the What Is Plone section and thinks that we could use that as a model for other improvements. No progress yet on CSS tweaks and tags

Discussion of section improvements

  • Frontpage - idea for improvements
  • Related sites don't look like links, needs styling
  • The related sites ordering is no longer relevant, need to rethink
  • Erico looked into how this part of the page is driven
  • Less text on related sites, maybe horizontal tiles
  • News and Events should be side by side, related sites pushed down
  • Events has an "Add Events" CTA, News needs the same
  • Presentation of Events is good, News is not
  • The stats under Community Activity are out of date, they are updated manually. Is there a script somewhere? Ask Victor. Should the marketing team be responsible for updating at each meeting?
  • Numbers at the top need to be reviewed
  • Sponsor logos need to be on white and fix padding and vertical alignment
  • Blue vs red buttons - works on front page design - Maybe they should
    always be blue unless an important CTA in a blue header, then should
    be red (like Sponsors)
  • Links in the footer look nice but the links need to be updated (like Roadmap, Newsletter) - assign someone to review, fix what can be easily fixed and make a list that needs discussion
  • Erico says he can change the structure of footer links in an hour
    or 2 if we want
  • [Side issue: AI team is discussing moving the Mailman lists to Google
  • Get Started page looks good!
  • Community page has OK look but needs content improvement
  • There are ideas in the improvement doc
  • Header navigation
  • Suggestions for improvements to top level nav in the
    sitemap spreadsheet
    • Hates the More section, no one clicks on More!
  • The black top header to go from one major site to another (from
    Docs to Training to Community to to is still
    a good idea but needs an update for what sites are on it, and needs to be carried out consistently on the other sites (and get rid of Jobs!)
  • But the actual header nav needs to be made much more useful
  • Fix the top level to be more hierarchical and have that drive header nav like a good CMS! (That's why we have a More dropdown, because there are 25 things in the site root...)
  • Problem: Community site dilutes contributions to news and
    general activity on
  • Marketing team should cherry pick items to push onto news
  • Can we have an RSS feed from community to bring action to the frontpage? Maybe not because it would be uncurated.
  • Announcements category?
  • Should Team minutes be on instead of community? We think so
  • The role of is up for grabs - is it where the minutes and files
    are all kept, or is it something else?
  • If related to Foundation, should be the canonical location
  • Find out why people don't contribute to - some people say it is
    too hard! Can we fix this? Anyone who logs in can create a draft, so
    what is the problem. Maybe that they need to create a profile when they first log in
    • Maybe we need to push a message to the community that is your
      site and everyone is welcome to contribute - news item?
  • Changes to theme need to be staged on Fulvio's site first

And also

  • Need to choose a Plone hero to write about in October => Chrissy - and her ninja training videos

Action items:

  • Rikupekka - review footer links, fix what can be easily fixed
    and make a list of what needs discussion, including possible restructure
  • Sally - send everyone byline proposal and eveyone respond
  • Sally - clean up old tags, as proposed
  • Sally - news item for What Is Plone section (old action item)
  • Norbert and Fulvio - progress on styling tweaks on staging site -
    From Ideas doc:
  • Body font too small, looks old fashioned
  • Long titles or descriptions throw off the tiled design,
    for example,
    (Solution could be to police content, your call)
  • Would be nice if font style were close to Volto/Pastanaga fonts
  • Description text has too low contrast (accessibility problem) -
    a slightly darker grey/black would do (run accessibility test)
  • Everyone - review structure of Events section
    Be ready to discuss improvements next meeting
  • Everyone - review Norbert's and eveyone's suggestions for IA and header nav
    on the " Sitemap" Google spreadsheet
    Be ready to discuss next meeting
  • Everyone - finish tagging your news items - ask Erico for advice if a
    collection for one of the old years doesn't work right

Need volunteers for:

  • Propose changes to Related Sites section on homepage (which site, what order,
    what text)
    ==> Erico? (Sally will help with text changes)
  • Propose changes to universal top navbar (black)
    ==> Rikupekka?
  • Inventory site for use of red call to action buttons and propose which
    (if any) should stay red (new sheet on Sitemap spreadsheet)
    ==> William?
  • Document in Style Guide how to create a Blue CTA button in WYSIWYG
    Document in Resources how to create a Red CTA button and that they are
    ==> Fulvio?
  • Ask Victor what's the source of the stats on the homepage (Community Activity
    and numbers at the top) and figure out an easy way for us to update
    ==> Rikupekka or Erico?

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