Plone communications and marketing team meeting 2020-08-20

August 20th, 2020

Minutes of previous meeting posted at:

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, William, Fulvio, Erico


  1. Announcements and news
  2. Done stuff
  3. Governance discussion
  4. Asset management
  5. renewal
  6. Others topics


News Items


From various people on the team:

  • Set up]( dev instance for improvements

  • Asked for feedback on the What is Zope? page --> suggested asking on the newly created Zope email group, or better yet, creating an issue in the repo to get more community involvement.

  • Edited the What is Plone IO page.

  • Some edits to Products.CMFPlone/README.rst, and then updated Plone/README.rst and plone-github-io/ to bring them to parity.

  • Also edited collective/plone-awesome, but it seems to have no owner.

  • Incorporated all the suggested changes into the What Is Plone pages and asked for feedback from relevant people. Just a few outstanding items left (images for Plone IO and Community and an appropriate "Try It" link for Zope.)

  • After the meeting -> published:

  • Drafted news item for 3 news items

  • Done some (re)tweeting as Plone

  • Setup

  • Created the sitemap report for

Plone Governance discussion

Plone Governance discussion at the board:

  • Discussion on the process
  • Steering circle meetings of team leads will be initiated, first one 22nd Sept.
  • Even further improvement ideas discussed.
  • Action items for marketing team - none yet, only discussion so far.

Asset management

  • Fulvio: in case we don't have one yet, the marketing team needs a master list of all assets to keep an eye on and keep in sync:
      • Products.CMFPlone/README.rst
      • Plone/README.rst
      • plone-github-io/
      • collective/plone-awesome
    • Front page of a new plone installation (no gender bias in language versions).
      • other
    • Lets create a new page to assets and things on top of this document and move them there -> done - renewal, what next

  • Local dev site set up
  • We agree we need to think about and decide on the info architecture
    before we launch the long term project
  • is a good reference - done
    • Each one of us to propose a better site map - a google doc for that - done and checked through
  • Schedule another focused meeting for a month from now - still up for this --> yes.

Other issues

  • Next meeting Sept 3rd 2020.
  • Next meeting Sep 17th 2020.
  • Screencasts on Volto and others would be useful
  • Page on how awesome the community is would be nice

If it comes to Wikipedia, the Zope page needs an update as well.