Plone communications and marketing team meeting 2020-08-06

Attending: Rikupekka, Sally, William, Fulvio, Norbert, Erico


News Items

  • Beethoven sprint published
  • 3 news items in the pipeline
  • launch news needed

Plone Governance discussion at the board:

  • Discussed through a summary
  • Steering circle meetings of team leads will be initiated
  • There is a group of people wondering what is happening with traditional Plone server side rendering?
    This is what stimulated the board discussion
  • Basic outcome is that we need to make sure our governance is working well, some things are good, some are not
  • Fulvio has a list of ideas, sent to the board, will send to marketing, some
    ideas are relevant to marketing
  • A lot of the discussion was around teams - often the same people are on many teams, fewer volunteers
  • Some teams aren't really active
  • Getting team leads to talk to each other is critical
  • Plone 6 release will need documentation, installers, marketing plan
  • We will write a short news item that briefly summarizes the above and points to the governance doc - renewal, recap

  • Short term styling
  • Offer from Red Turtle to help
  • Erico got build up and running w/o problems, willing to help Red Turtle
  • Sally to email with Erico's offer to help, and provide the list of styling tweak ideas from our Google doc
  • An aspect ratio for images to be used on News Items, and add this to our style guide
  • We still like the idea of short term style fixes on and long term 1-year project to do a complete re-do, possibly separate sites, like we discussed
  • We agree we need to think about and decide on the info architecture
    before we launch the long term project
  • What about doing a card sort exercise -
  • People who have used card sorts are OK with them, nobody has a better idea
  • Rikupekka's university uses to create shared boards with sticky
    notes, that might be a good way to do a card sort. 3 boards in the free version
  • is a good reference, Erico offers to make one that shows
    folders only - done
  • Do not want to lose any content
  • Each one of us to propose a better site map, w/in 24 hrs of getting Erico's folder sitemap
  • Schedule another focused meeting for a month from now

Next meeting: August 20th, 2020

If you're interested in helping this team, please contact @rioksane

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