Plone 5.2.X and python 3.X on Windows

Hello ,
Does anyone know if it will be possible in the near future to install Plone 5.2.X series on Windows?
And at the same time to be able to use python 3.X with Plone under Windows?
Thanks in advance.


The plan is to have 5.2.2/Python 2.7/3.6-3.8 ready for Windows. Thus said, the buildout.coredev 5.2 branch already works on Windows again with one manual step. I described the process here:

The installer was also fixed (for next 5.2.2. release), also there were fixes in plone.recipe.zope2instance (but one big issue pending here, workaround available - see my referenced posting above) and also in plone.recipe.zeoserver. I also introduced workflows for Github Actions to at least do some basic automated checks on windows. I fixed z3c.jbot to work on Windows. Most of the changes are merged but unreleased for now, so the git branches must be used to make it work.

So we made good progress - that said any help and real world testing would help to get this more polished.

With all this developing for Plone with buildout.coredev works fine. For production I would wait for the 5.2.2 release.

We really need more people helping with Windows issues. While porting Plone to Python 3 we had MacOS and Linux people on board, but nobody developing on Windows. I have to admit, Windows support was not on focus. Also our CI worked at the time on Linux only. Now this falls back on us.
Any help is here highly appreciated!

If you can not wait, Plone works fine in the Windows Linux Subsystem:


@jensens you have indeed done a lot of work to advance the port of Plone 5.2.2 under Windows.
I'm not sure I understand what to expect from people who want to test.
If I understood correctly, I would be willing to try testing.
Otherwise, I can wait for version 5.2.2 to be Windows compatible before installing it for tests and then on a server and thereby consider, if necessary, production use.
Thanks for all the hard work.

thanks @Adomy - a minimal test would be great!

  1. open an Administrator PowerShell
  2. create a folder somewhere and cd into it.
  3. create a minimal buildout.cfg in the folder containing
    extends =
    parts = instance
    recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
    user = admin:admin
    eggs = Plone
  4. ensure Python 3.6 or later (like 3.8) is installed
  5. python -mvenv py to create a local virtual environment
  6. install buildout and other dependencies with .\py\Scripts\pip.exe install -r
  7. run buildout: .\py\Scripts\buildout.exe
  8. do you get PermissionErrors here? If so re run buildout. I am curious if you got some.
  9. start Plone with .\bin\runwsgi.exe -v parts/instance/etc/wsgi.ini (for debug mode add -d to the -v).

If this works, Plone works on Windows. This all without the UnifiedInstaller, which was not tested with 5.2.2 and the modifed plone.recipe.zope2instance and without having a bin/instance script (which is not that essential).

I am looking forward for your installation test report - and for many other peoples reports too - hope so :wink:

I'm very much interested interested in getting this to work on Windows. I already had a working barebones buildout on a py3.6 venv there which was able to at least run unit tests. From here ran pip install -r with it the venv activated. I changed the extends to and reran buildout.

I don't get any errors but I also don't have a runwsgi executable. Full disclosure: I did not run as Administrator because I do not have that permission on my work Windows computer (personal is Mac) per company policies/contracts. This is also what precluded me from being able to use VirtualBox or other solutions. If the admin permission here is not likely to be the cause of missing the runwsgi (I don't see any error messages about it) I would love to help debug this more.

See my post Install buildout and other dependencies
With the [zopescripts] section from over there the runwsgi script will be generated.

This all was tested with the free 90day IE/Edge image VM provided by Microsoft. I am not sure if this one runs in Administrator mode (probably not).

Thanks Jens, this is working for me now. I did not need to run anything as Administrator. Looks great!

FYI it's "parts/instance/etc/wsgi.ini" at least for me

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