Next Training Team Hangout on 2016-05-19

We meet next Thursday, Mai 19 at 21pm CEST

The training-team is a group of people interested in Plone-Trainings at conferences and otherwise. Anyone who is interested is invited to join.

We meet in a google hangout. Sign up at
The irc-channel of the team is #training

Topics for the meeting:

  • State of trainings at ploneconf
  • Compensation and housing for trainers
  • Writing training-docs
  • Structure of

Here are the notes from the last meeting: Announcing the next Training Team Meeting

sorry i can not attend, because my flight is going the same time :frowning:

Thursday is not good for me, Friday is better, if it must be Thursday, 1 hour later would be better.

Notes from Training Team Meeting on 2016-05-19

Attendants: Fulvio Casali, JC Brand, Sally Kleinfeld, Calvin Hendryx-Parker, Guido Stevens, Chrissy Wainwright, Sven Strack, Philip Bauer...


We probably have some classrooms at MIT
We have 2 rooms at a location withing 15min by foot
We have another location downtown (30min subway+foot) that would mostly be used for the 1- and 2-day-trainings (so people have little commute-time)


Training slots will be: 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm

Housing for trainers

We'll try to get 1-2 houses to house all the trainers. No further news yet.

State of trainings at ploneconf

We went through all the trainings and discussed their state. See for full details.

Noteable or new:

  • We'll try to have 4 instances of "Learn Plone!" that walk-ins can attend for free. So we need either one trainer who does the same four times or several trainers.

  • Philip will ask Fred about the state of "Learn Plone!" and "Configuring Plone"

  • Philip will ask Chris Ewing to share the Pyramid-Training Docs with Paul Everitt (and Guido Stevens)

  • We'll ask Steve McMahon to give a second instance of "Creating custom content-types with Dexterity (part 1 of Hacking Plone)"

  • We'll ask David Bain if he could give a second instance of "Theming Plone with Diazo (part 2 of Hacking Plone)" and/or assist Eric with the other instance.

  • We'll ask Fulvio to give a second instance of "Creating custom layouts with Mosaic (part 3 of Hacking Plone)"

  • We'll ask Alec Mitchell to give the "Customizing search" training.

  • We'll drop "Making a Plone Blog" in favor of Calvin Hendryx-Parker doing a short (15min) talk on that during "Make a Pyramid MicroBlog" by Paul Everitt

  • Paul Everitt will give a half-day Training "Make a Pyramid MicroBlog" and a half-day PyCharm-Tutorial.

  • We'll try to have a Advanced Python Training (1 or 2 Days) based on some aspects of the Book "Fluent Python". Tiram Oz (Munich) might volunteer, but we'll also ask Luciano Ramalho who is the author of that amazing book.

  • Philip will update to hold all trainings with their respective length.

I short, we are still looking for trainers for the following trainings:

  • Patternslib/Mockup for Plone-Integrators
  • Learn Plone!
  • Customizing search
  • Advanced Python
  • Agile Software Development Methods

Writing training-docs

Setup for trainings

The development-trainigns (mastering plone, workflow, diazo, javascript-development, maybe Solr) should use the same setup that can be used with vagrant or locally: See This will allow Windows-Laptops to fully participate.

The ttw-trainigns will use Heroku. Alec Mitchell will talk to Eric Bréhault about the Heroku-Button and the set of add-ons that is needed.

Some development classes (Component Architecture, Pyramid) will probably expect a locally running virtualenv and buildout.

Structure of

Sven made great progress with a new theme for the frontpage and structure of the trainings (see Announcing the next Training Team Meeting)

We'll open a new thread on to discuss that.

Philip will coordinate with Sven to move mastering Plone into a seperate folder in undtil next week.

Next Meeting

Philip will schedule the next hangout in mid-June.

P.S.: Even though JC will not do the Patternslib/Mockup-Training we really want him to come to the conference :slight_smile:

I use Cloud9 IDE when I'm training. It means Windows and Chromebook users can get started really quickly!

I'd like to add to the great list of topics—can we do something like how-to-do-basic-developer-stuff-for-non-developers? By that I mean, walk non-developers through scenarios on how to contribute to the Plone docs, Barceloneta theme, how to make pull request, etc.? Or if I'd be the only one attending, can I get a tutor during the conference?

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@3dogMcNeill excellent idea! Let's see if we can make it happen, and otherwise I'll gladly give tips.