Next Training Team Hangout on 2016-06-23

We meet next Thursday, June 23 at 8pm CEST

The training-team is a group of people interested in Plone-Trainings at conferences and otherwise. Anyone who is interested is invited to join. Mostly we discuss the trainings at Ploneconf 2016.

We meet in a google hangout. Sign up at

The irc-channel of the team is #training

Topics for the meeting:

Since the meeting is getting pretty big I suggest we discuss each training directly (i.e. the trainer(s) and me) and we'll simply give a quick update on the state in the meeting.

Here are the notes from the last meeting: Next Training Team Hangout on 2016-05-19


I asked that already, but as a reminder, I will do it again :slight_smile:
If you already gave a training or will give one, please send me a short bio and a picture [400x400 px] as png.

And the other thing which I also already asked, I need a short 'about' text explaining what is that all about [] .

It would be super awesome to get all these asap maybe till Sunday, with that I could almost finish the site, which would be nice.

We are getting closer and closer and I still have to finish preparing a training and other stuff, so I would like to have the 'main parts' of the new site done as soon as possible :slight_smile: