Information for Interested GSoC Students

No, just go to GSoC website and search for plone... select option upload proposal then(only appear when you are log in) option as upload draft...copy google doc link option from who can comment on your document. Do only 3 steps... for last step you wait for your mentor conformation.

aight thank you so much for your response :slight_smile:

Looks like the results are announced at

Congrats to all the accepted students! Looking forward to seeing the projects come to fruition. I shall try again next year! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your application, @sgrepos! We look forward to seeing you again next year. And we hope to be able to work with you between now and then. Stick around!


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I am Agam Sachan, sophomore at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, India. I know HTML/ CSS and a little JavaScript. I code regularly in Python, C and sometimes in Java. I am interested in contributing towards the Plone organization.

Hi Agam,
You're very late for GSoC 2017, but perhaps you can keep up the conversation and learn a bit in preparation for GSoC 2018.

Does this mean it's the only bridge for freshers?
Or is it the evil side of GSoC ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There are many ways to learn about projects associated with GSoC, such as Plone. Assuming that's what you're referring to, I'm not sure that any approach is particularly evil.

Hi sir my name is krutam,a GSoc aspirant aiming for GSoc 2018 and keen to contribute in plone. Sir can you guide me further how to approach for GSoc.

Step 1 - go through the training
I recommend that you start here:
Ask questions in the community if you need further help

Step 2 - ask for help to fix your first bug
Look at the bugs over at it could take you a month to fix your first bug so take your time.

Step 3 - start to get a feel for good projects for next year
Again, you can ask questions in the community.

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Thank you sir..

Hello There, I am Nilesh. Currently I am working on adding create-react-app like functonaliy to plone-react and also trying to fix some related issues. Currently the repo is not in development, please let me know when the development on it resumes.

Hi and welcome! Which repo do you mean specifically?

Which repo do you mean specifically?

Here I am talking about plone-react project which seems currently paused as seem by commit histories.

@tkimnguyen This is the discussion for plone-react not being in a working state right now.

Also it would be great if there could be some issues or work on react based repositories or simply plone.restapi for preparing for gsoc. @tisto

I agree, currently the ideas are pretty vague and the plone-react repo is in a non working state.

If you want to work on the create-react-app functionality you don't need a working plone-react repo. You can start investigating how create-react-app handles customization and start with a small prototype. Maybe a simple component that talks to a plone.restapi-based backend.

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I have designed an approach to it as mentioned in this link Create-react-app for Plone-react and as you suggested also, currently i am working on a demo react app generator which would implement that approach.

Hello everyone, I am Apurva and I'm a GSoC aspirant. I am a student at IIT Guwahati pursuing BTech. in Computer Science and Engineering. I have earlier worked with python, django, php, c++, html, css, react, javascript, you can check you my repo at I am looking forward to your help in how to start contributing to this project. As it is always fun to be on the other side.

Which project specifically? @apurva9