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I am Chandrashekhar Adhage, I am pursuing my mtech at IIT bombay, India. I have good experience with Python,Java,HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and C,C++,Postgresql and GIS due to different projects and Software lab. And from 6 months I am working with hackerrank and hackerearth to improve my skills. While exploring plone GSoC project ideas page I found some very good Ideas and looking forward to working with plone.

Welcome to the Plone community, @Cadhage! We are happy to have you here. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help you get started on a proposal for your GSoC idea. We look forward to working on it with you over the next two weeks.

Hi sir,

I just wanted to know the format of GSoC 2017 project proposal. So that I can prepare project proposal according to format and requirements.

C . T. Adhage


The format for our proposals for GSoC is outlined on the summer of code website. We would like you to talk a bit about yourself, and in depth about your idea, including a prospective timeline of what you expect to complete at each of the three evaluation periods. In the end, you'll need to submit a PDF, but until the deadline, I would suggest you work in a google doc so that our mentors can collaborate with you on improving, scoping and polishing the proposal.

Hello everyone
I'm Akshay and this is my first time in GSoc.
I have a general question
As we can see there are more students interested on same project
I was just thinking how this works? Do people from Google select them or mentors from community?
Either way It's quite competitive isn't it?

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@kakshay21 Some of our ideas have room for more than one implementation, or for different approaches. In particular, the PWA idea page lists a number of different possible projects.

The mentors of the Plone community will be responsible for picking the final candidates for projects. And yes, it is competitive. You should not delay in starting your proposal. The sooner you begin, the more we can help you polish it to perfection.


Hi all,
My name is Nikitha Udeshana and I'm a final year student in University of Moratuwa, SriLanka. It's an awesome experience to be with the Plone community so far and I'd love to contribute as a GSOC student here. I know, it is little late to start with GSOC, but I think I can catch up things quickly and prepare a proposal soon as I have a good knowledge and experience in web development.
I've 6 months intern experience in IFS R&D Internationals as a Front end developer and another 6 months experience in Elegance technologies as a Web developer as well. During that period I've worked with Angular 2, AngularJS and other web technologies such as JQuery, Javascript and so on. Currently I'm working on my final year project in Python. Therefore I think Plone is the right place to be.
I'd love to know that, Are there any other areas that I can contribute other than ideas mentioned in the GSOC idea list.

It would be really beneficial for all gsoc students to know, on what basis plone community select the best student for the respective project?
As there is no qualifications task for any project so any random person can apply on any project. Isn't it?
And everyone around here wants to be that student so how can we make ourselves more likely to get selected for the projects? Keeping aside writing good proposal.
@tkimnguyen @cewing

@kakshay21: there are many factors that go into choosing which proposals we accept as a community. Among them are the way the student interacts with the community, how the student reacts to comment and criticism, the degree to which the student seems dedicated to their idea, and how comfortable mentors feel that the proposal the student writes is within their abilities and achievable in the 12-week coding period.

The more you interact with us by writing your proposal in the GSoC website where our mentors can interact with you, the more chance you have as a student to help us answer these questions.

I hope this answer is helpful to you,


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Iā€™m I. M. P. Pathirana, and studying in faculty of information technology at university of Moratuwa, Sri lanka as a second year student. i'm interesting with the project "Better Diff Viewer for Content" because web technology is my favourite subject also i have learnt HTML,JavaScript and other related languages to web development during the last semester. therefore i think i can do this better & I'd like to know can i use CSS /Jquery to do the project if you like....!


I think that yes, the "Better Diff Viewer" idea is almost entirely HTML and CSS, perhaps with a tiny bit of JavaScript. The data needed for the view is already present. The Plone view code to provide access to this data already exists. The page templates which display the data are also present. What we need most is a fresh look at a better way to display the information we already have. HTML and CSS skills are most welcome for this idea!

We might want to think about implementing a new diff viewer on top of plone.restapi. @mokshjain (or any other student) would not need to dive deep into Plone templating and Python programming. They could focus on the font-end part.

This would also ensure that the solution is future-proof and can be used in new upcoming Angular2/React front-ends. The main goal should be to embed the new view into an existing Plone 5.0/5.1. Though, we should also think about the future...

The only thing that would be needed to allow this is an API endpoint that provides the diff. This could also be part of the GSoC, if the student is already familiar with Python. If not, I'd be happy to help with implementing the necessary backend calls, or even implement it myself if necessary.

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@nikandroff you may want to follow @tisto's advice also.

I have watched number of attractive websites including Wikipedia to do your project best.and i like to suggest to make this site with user-friendly table which represent difference of the versions most user-friendly then users are able to compare the versions(i have attach a sample chart with this .but when i implementing the project i hope to make a chart more user-friendly than that ). And I like to add some video tutorial clip to the site(if you like) then any user who doesn't have technical or English knowledge is able to simply understand and compare the versions.And I have some another idea list i'l tell it with my proposal

Thank you
have a nice day.....!

@Indunil, I think you might be confused about what we mean when we talk about a "diff view". We are not speaking about differences in features of various versions of our software, but rather of differences between different versions of content items. So, for example, if I add a new paragraph to a page about puppies, I should be able to see a side-by-side view of my page with the new paragraph clearly marked as a "new" addition. Please see this discussion for more information about the "diff view" and how it works.

Hi sir,
As per your suggestion, I have submitted draft proposal to plone . Now do I need to wait for reply or should I contact with my mentor?

Hi everyone,

I have spent more than a week figuring out how Plone works through the tutorial in the documentation and I have successfully created a simple website using Plone. I know that contributing to the Plone repository is essential to introduce myself to the Plone community, but I still have no idea how to set up the local environment for different Plone repositories, such as Products.CMFPlone. Can you guys show me where I can find more information on how it works on local env so I can start learning about fixing bugs for Plone?

Thank you.

Have you been going through the Mastering Plone information at ?

The other place to look is the coredev buildout:

I have worked to the 30th chapter in the Mastering Plone tutorial but it was somehow confusing on setting up the environment for more than one sites. For example, when I clone the Products.CMFPlone, where should I extract the data to and how can I display the content. I know this problem might be easy but I have been stuck on this for more than a week...

For the proposal, I need to send the draft to the mentors of the project I selected right, guys?

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