GSoC 2019 ideas: AureliaJS SDK for Plone Rest-API

Project Summary
Building a Aurelia SDK with ready to use components for Plone Rest-API. As navigation, breadcrumb, toolbar menus and so on. Following the idea of the existing Angular SDK for Plone. The components should make it possible to implement the Pastanaga UI as well as being flexible enought to have other layouts.

Project Full Description

Aurelia is: Simple, Powerful, Unobtrusive

Aurelia is realy easy to learn and use Javascript framework wich combines good conventions with standard conform ES6 or Typescript support. It give the developer the freedom to choose between ES6 and TypeScript for there applications. With it's great conventions, it removes a lot of the boring configuration boilerplate and extensivly imports, other framewors need. That gives peace to the developers mind, to focus on the real project ideas and simply makes building app's fun again.

The Plone Rest-API is a lightweight, well documented and powerful API, which is fun to build apps for.

Desired Project Outcome
A basic Aurelia SDK for Plone Rest-API, with the most important components and services, to have an easy start on buildung Aurelia based app's with Plone as a backend.

Recommended Student Skills
The studen should be familar with modern Javascript ES6 and/or Typescript. Also with formats like JSON-LD, which is partly used by the Plone Rest-API (

Project Mentors
Stakeholder: Maik Derstappen
Mentor: Maik Derstappen


Hi @MrTango I would like to work on this project . I have read the docs of plonerestapi and currenly i am learning AureliaJS framework . I want to ask that this project has any github repo or i have to make it from scratch. Please help...

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To play around, just use your repos.
Later we will create an official one in the plone organization on github.
I'll mentor this project, but i need a conditat who is willing to learn new things him/her self.

The goal would be, to have a npm package at the end which provides some oftenused components like navigation, breadcrumb and so on. So it's good that you make your self comforable with the API and even more important with Aurelia. Concepts like Services, Event-Aggregator and Aurelia-Store are good points to dive into. Start with Services and Event-Aggregator and understand how you can build components which receive data from the api and comminucate with each other.

@MrTango . Is plone a part of gsoc 2019?

This year not directly: GSoC 2019 Status Update
But some project might get into GSoC tru the Python Software Foundation.

As Plone attends this year as a sub-org of the Python foundation, you can apply for this project here: