GSoC 2019 Brainstorming

Nice use case. This would be covered by the proposed changes in
Lets see how far we get in the next few days.

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Great ideas are germinating here. That's wonderful.

When you feel like you've got something solid to propose, please head on over to and submit it so we have an official description to use on our ideas page.

In the meantime, if you are interested in mentoring this year, please fill out this form so I can get in touch and put your name on my list :slight_smile:

Keep the ideas flowing folks. Good stuff so far!

If someone is interested in building an Aurelia #aureliajs SDK/UI for Plone, I would mentor the project.
Aurelia is realy easy to learn and use Javascript framework wich combines good conventions with standard conform ES6 or Typescript support. It simply makes building app's fun. I used it together with the Rest-API already and could help to build useful components for Plone.

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Alright Plonistas!. We're running up against the deadline here. Eight days left and so far we have two proposals submitted and only one mentor signed up. We can do better!

@ebrehault, @vangheem, @ramon, @b4oshany, you've all spoken up directly about mentoring. How about filling out the form to make it official? @robgietema, @sneridagh, @tisto, @cekk, @datakurre, you've all been mentioned as possible mentors. Care to step up to the plate once again? @djay, you've always got great ideas for projects. Would you care to mentor a student? @ajayns, @kakshay21, @Shriyanshagro, @nileshgulia1, you finished successful projects last year. How about stepping up and co-mentoring a project this year? It takes a village, folks!

We've got very interesting project ideas floating around in here. But they need fleshing out and writing up. Here's a list of the ideas I see floating around so far:

  • plone import/export (already has a solid write-up, probably doesn't need more)
  • vscode integration for plone/buildout
  • GDPR search/export
  • AureliaJS SDK/UI
  • AngularJS Pastanaga frontend (Volto in Angular)
  • REST API Evolution, versioning support, JSON LD/jsonapi, swagger 3
  • Guillotina API for dynamic field sets (behavior support)
  • Guillotina Object server in rust / rocksdb
  • Guillotina glue for transmogrifier to support moving data between Plone/Guillotina
  • Guillotina performance testing
  • pip-based Plone installation
  • GraphQL Implementation on top of REST API

None of these ideas has an official write up yet. The Import/Export idea had write-ups from last year, but these could use the same. Any idea that gets a solid write up can be a candidate for this year's listings, so let's get going and get some more ideas submitted.

Go Plonistas Go!


@cewing I think that this year I will have less time to spend on gsoc, but i'd like to help as a backup mentor if there are some projects where i can help.

As last year, i created a separat topic in this forum to discuss, the idea further GSoC 2019 ideas: AureliaJS SDK for Plone Rest-API.

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@b4oshany just getting your attention for this thread.
I know you have a bunch of ideas this year.

Just got off a conference call with OSI affiliates, and they used Jitsi and it made me think: why not try to integrate some chat or conferencing packages with Plone? Intranets (any team folder, really, e.g. department, project group) would benefit from integrations with these. has that lovely Gitter chat sidecar (not really an integration). For public corporate sites, there are sometimes calls for inbound chat to contact someone like a help desk or sales.

Continuing with the idea of collaboration tool integration with Plone, I know it's not open source but Google Docs or Etherpads are often fast/easy ways to be able to do live edits with a group of people. Being able to embed them in a Plone site could be good.

Another collaboration tool to integrate could be

Slack too, since Rocket is a clone of it. I prefer Zulip to both of those. So: some kind of chat integration. I wonder if there is a pluggable way to build that. I can almost hear @jcbrand yelling “yeah, XMPP, you know?”

You can lough at my idea but wanna share a bit :). An idea could be rendering z3c forms based on json/ dictionary schema file. Then store data in a object field in dexterity content.
Another idea is rendering z3c forms based on google sheet, so forms schema can be written in google sheet xls then plone automatically renders a z3c form using google api to link with the google sheet and parse it. Later data can also be saved in plone zodb or it can also be saved in another google sheet or mysql or whatever database using API.

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That is mind blowing! Can you describe a scenario in which this would be used?

Scenario1: Imagine a client wants to make a survey form using plone and also save data for doing some research. The knowledge client has is spreadsheet, if the addon can provide an example xls which has some example fields and filled with needed columns then reading some documentation client can update the spreadsheet with more survey question and plone can render the form for him which he can share as a link to the users who will fill data.
Scenario 2:
Developer need to make some forms for a client and some specification can be done in detail by client in google spreadsheet directly which is easier for doing collaborative work with client and easier for client to change input while developing a system.
Scenario 3:
Json or dictionary type schema can be used cross system. For example the backoffice system using plone for data entry. But json schema can be used by angular or react based front ends which can use rest API for some data entered by end user or field users from home or on the move with mobile APP
These ideas are all hypothetical ideas, did some production implementation but not with all features.

@cewing Would love to contribute to this awesome community. Would be grateful to you, if you filter out the ideas from GSoC'18 which are still under consideration, since many of them might be completed.

@vangheem what about gulltotina, i think guillotina is very good project it should be a part of gsoc and i would like to dedicate my time working on this project this summer.

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I will post in separate threads the project ideas that have been submitted (two are Guillotina)


For the ones proposing improvements on please first get working, a working test suite is a must and a prior condition to be able to add anything on top, and even more so if you are asking a GSOC student to make contributions.

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Currently, I'm seeking a means of building out the concept of Plone As a Service (PAaS), which is basically SAaS. I like the Volto, Gasby and other approaches the community is taking, and I wish to assist in the development of those. However, I still have on my backend hat. Therefore, I focus on the backend topics until another time.


There are other more useful ones, but honestly, it's a lot of work to write out them when I have a lot of work to do.

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You might want to ask Alan Runyan at Enfold Systems if he'd be willing to give you access to his Ploud code (Plone in the cloud).

In a way, anyone running more than a couple of Plone sites probably already has their own PaaS, though probably not as automated as you might need if you wanted to open it up to the public. e.g. any Plone installation lets you create as many Plone sites as you want, but then you have to add registration, billing, quotas, monitoring. would be PaaS as a headless CMS backend, plus a nice UI and content for helping devs create and deploy a modern JS frontend with it.

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