GSoC 2019 Status Update

Greetings, Plonistas and interested folk

A quick status update on Plone for the 2019 Google Summer of Code. As you may already be aware, we were not selected this year for the summer of code. This is sad, but it happens. I deeply appreciate the effort you all have put into ideas for the summer. And there is some good news.

We have been accepted by the Python Software Foundation as a sub-org for their Summer of Code participation. I've added our project to their list. This means that we may still get applications for the summer of code through their process. Mentors, you are not yet off the hook!

One ask: if you have listed a project on our 2019 ideas page I need your help. Please message me (here or via email) with the "degree of difficulty" of your project. This is an ask from the PSF. You can rank your projects as "easy", "intermediate", or "difficult". Once you've sent me the info, I'll add it to our ideas page and the PSF folks will be happy with us.

Thanks very much again for your time, effort and continuing support of the Plone community!



There'd also be this one:

Yeah, @polyester et al are on that! Thx