GSoC 2019 Brainstorming

Greetings Plone community members!

The application process for the 2019 Google Summer of Code will begin very soon, and I'd like to collect ideas for projects. The ideas we publish will help to determine who applies to be a student with us. So it's important that we have a solid offering of projects students will want to be part of.

If you have some thoughts about a project you'd like to see happen, please share it with me, so we can get it into our list. Please make your suggestions as replies to this post.

We also have some great ideas left over from last year that might be worth trying out a second time. Perhaps take a few moments to read through them all.

This is a brainstorming session. Don't censor yourself. If you've got some crazy ideas floating around for ways to make Plone even more awesome, now is the time to put fingers to keyboard and shake them out!

Thanks for your help,



A!B/customized content serving based on configurable criteria. Could be to test response to different content based on geolocation of the visitor or ideally some known history of the visitor’s past visits and content they looked at previously. As an example, see and

nice, a/b testing of content Great idea!

I could mentor a student on building an Angular CMS pastanaga frontend (basically the equivalent of Volto in Angular).


I would be willing to mentor this year.

Here are some ideas:

  • Guillotina/Plone: REST API Evolution, support API versioning, JSON LD and/or jsonapi, upgrade to swagger 3
  • Guillotina: API for dynamic field sets(behaviors)
  • Guillotina: Object server built in rust, based on rocksdb
  • Guillotina glue for transmogrifier so we can move data back and forth
  • Guillotina performance testing framework

Agree with @vangheem proposals and also would be willing to mentor this year.


That's not Plone, though?

Well true, but the Plone foundation is now covering Plone, but also Guillotina (and soon Pyramid). So I guess all those projects can be involved in the Plone community GSoC.

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Not sure if GSoC is an appropriate place for it, or if there is any help needed in the first place, but this topic is an interesting subject of work: Installing Plone with just pip (without buildout)


This is definitely an appropriate place! Looks like there is a bunch of work needed, listed in this response from @datakurre : Installing Plone with just pip (without buildout)


@vangheem, great ideas. @ebrehault too! I had forgotten that Pyramid will be under the Plone foundation soon. Will that happen in time to include any pyramid projects?

even if they are all in teh same foundation does this end up limiting the GSOC places that would actually get assigned to Plone itself? Since google will presumably assign 4-5 same as each year. Shouldn't the other projects apply on their own?
My apologises if I'm misunderstood the GSOC process

Actually I have no idea, my understanding is our GSoC is related to the Plone community, not to the Plone project, but I might be wrong.

@polyester, opinion?

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Please focus on core Plone needs and not on side projects like Guillotina.

GSOC slots are given out to an organisation. That organisation is the Plone Foundation.

The number of slots is based upon:

  • the number of viable project proposals that students come up with
  • the mentoring capacity of the organisation

in the end, the organisation applies for a number of places, and then Google decides, taking the above into account. Some organisations have 20+ places, others one. Reputation and track record in previous editions play a role here as well.

It's essentially a very human-based process, with the GSOC organising team being very approachable and hands-on, although also strictly following the rules (as they must and should). So if Pyramid had places before on a regular basis, and in future (not this year) would apply 'under' the PF umbrella, that would surely be taken into account by the evaluators. So I see no issues there in future, and certainly it woudn't 'limit' the places in any way.

Bottom line: it all comes down to having enthusiastic mentors, viable and well-defined projects and students with a believable proposal. You give some, you get some. That's the idea behind GSOC.



@ebrehault proposed a "GraphQL implementation on top of the Plone RESTAPI" last year ... or is GraphQL already passe? :wink:


GraphQL is still a thing and I would love to see that as a GSoC project.

I would also love to see an updated/enhanced theming editor. @b4oshany got a great start to it but as far as I know it has not gotten finished.

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I can't mentor these, but someone could look over CastleCMS (repo, overview) features and decide that one or two of them would be great to have in Plone.

There used to be a super-powerful (and therefore also slightly dangerous, but hey that's powertools for you. If they're any good, you should be able to cut your fingers with it...) add-on called

now, a spiffied-up, dexterity-compatible, API aware, maybe even scriptable replacement would be highly useful.