What to do for gsoc 2018

Hi @newbazz,
Glad to hear that your exams are done, I hope you did well.
Welcome to the Plone community. Here are the best next steps.

  1. Install Plone and make a simple website.
    If you haven't done that, do that first! Once that's done come back and report at the forum. If you are having any issues installing Plone that's okay. Reach out to the community for help and share the issues that you may have come across.

  2. Read our documentation to learn about how Plone works, and how to contribute

  3. Look at the list of Plone bugs, you'll want to try your hand at fixing one of them. Find an issue suitable for newcomers in our issue tracker and try to fix it

I noted that you mentioned reading the documentation (step 2) but you didn't mention installing Plone (step 1). If you haven't installed Plone, that's a critical first step. Again.. if you've done both steps 1 and 2 already then look for a bug and try to fix it. Feel free to ask for help right here in the forums and again, best of luck.

As someone who is currently upgrading a site from Plone 4 to Plone 5, one of the big hurdles is the number of add-ons that have fallen by the way side. The proportion of available plugins claiming support for Plone 5 is really quite depressing. I think I am not alone and that this is a barrier for many other people who are putting off upgrading because of the complexity of the process and lack of support and of documentation.

Might I suggest adopting a plugin.

+100. Upgrading a plugin to 5 is a great way to learn the internals of Plone, its framework and how testing works which is everything you need to work on the core product. Is there a hitlist of plugins that people most need to be upgraded?

okk so as i am new, i will first solve some of the first timers issues and than get to ork on the plugin.

Partly this is also a matter of maintained add-ons not including the Plone 5.0 or 5.1 pypi classifier.

See https://plone.org/download/add-ons/all-plone-add-ons for the links to add-ons that have indicated Plone 5 compatibility vs those that have indicated just Plone compatibility

We have this GSoC 2017 project that we need to finish and deploy into plone.org... it will help showcase add-ons.

What to do after i have installed plone, that is how to run it coz i am not able to figure that out.

Please link to the instructions that you followed and say at what step in the instructions that you got stuck.
If you saw an error, also share that.

Did you read this: https://docs.plone.org/manage/installing/installation.html#start-plone

My server is running on, but i am not able to figure it out how to proceed furthur.

Once you see that it is running on

  1. Confirm that the console says "INFO Zope Ready to handle requests"

  2. Open a web browser and enter the URL: localhost:8080 if that doesn't work enter

  3. Look at the zope landing page. You should now see something like this:

Yeah this is what i got and then i clicked on "Create a new plone site", but what then?

I think I'm missing details or something, it isn't clear what has you stuck. Please include a screenshot to show where you've reached.

At that point you would fill in the form. It would let you create a new Plone site.

I filled the form.

Please share a screenshot to show where you're at now.

Yep, that's a new plone site @newbazz.

At this point, you should be able to log in to the site using the admin username and password that you set up when you installed Plone. Once you've logged in, you'll see a black bar to the side of the site that offers controls for adding, editing, and managing "content". Plone is a "CMS" or content management system. It's purpose is to allow you to create, through the web, a website filled with pages and images and news items and lots of other types of content. You will be able to "publish" the content you create, which controls whether a user who is not logged in can see it. You'll be able to add other users, or allow people to register themselves. You'll also be able to control things like what types of content are available, how that content is displayed, and even what the theme will look like that controls how your entire site looks.

Now that you have a Plone site, you should read our documentation on how to work with content. It will help you answer many of the questions that arise as you begin playing with your new Plone site. You'll probably also have questions that are not covered in the documentation. Those questions should be brought here for the community to help you with. If you like, you might even help to edit the documentation and add the answers to the questions you come up with.

Keep up the good work. You're doing great!


okk i will have a look at it, btw are the google code in mentors selected?

Now as i have started figuring out what exactly plone is and what is does, but i still think i am not a part of the organisation is there anything i need to do to become the part of organisation?

Someone there? :stuck_out_tongue: sorry if i am pinging too frequently.