What to do for gsoc 2018

Hi @newbazz,
Glad to hear that your exams are done, I hope you did well.
Welcome to the Plone community. Here are the best next steps.

  1. Install Plone and make a simple website.
    If you haven't done that, do that first! Once that's done come back and report at the forum. If you are having any issues installing Plone that's okay. Reach out to the community for help and share the issues that you may have come across.

  2. Read our documentation to learn about how Plone works, and how to contribute

  3. Look at the list of Plone bugs, you'll want to try your hand at fixing one of them. Find an issue suitable for newcomers in our issue tracker and try to fix it

I noted that you mentioned reading the documentation (step 2) but you didn't mention installing Plone (step 1). If you haven't installed Plone, that's a critical first step. Again.. if you've done both steps 1 and 2 already then look for a bug and try to fix it. Feel free to ask for help right here in the forums and again, best of luck.