WebFinger protocol support in Plone

I am working on implementing OpenID Connect which is using WebFinger discovering as a authorization server, there should be support for WebFinger. I looked at the WebFinger specification and found an example like this
GET /.well-known/webfinger?
Host: example.com

My question is that how can I make .well-known/webfinger like url pattern in Plone.
More help about WebFinger is welcome as I am newbie about this protocol

First you need to implement the related functionality (no idea what is needed under the hood for your usecase) as a Browser View ...documented in the Plone docs.

Another issue is the traversal to .well-known/webfinger ..I assume you could register your browser view for name=".wellknown" and use subpath traversal for the webfinger part...or you register your browser under an arbitrary name and configure your front-end proxy (Apache, Nginx or something similar) for performing a rewrite to the related browser view name.

@zopyx thanks for reply. Yes I agree the browser view solution.

use subpath traversal for the webfinger part
Can you please give an example of subpath traversal?

IPublishTraverse and subpath may be this is one solution you already made :slight_smile: @zopyx ?


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