Want some mentor

Hi, everyone,
I am Rupesh and I am an aspiring full stack web developer having tech stacks HTML, CSS ,JS, BOOTSTRAP, NODE, MONGODB ,MYSQL ,and an open source enthusiast as well ,I want to contribute in plone in web development field, also want to participate in gsoc 2019 ,please guide me to start contributing.
I want some mentor . Can anyone help ??

Hi Rupesh!

Thanks for reaching out so early for next year's GSoC. The best thing you can do to get started on the road to being a GSoC student in 2019 is to start working through the steps outlined at the top of this post. Learning what Plone is, how to use it as an end-user, how it works, and how to develop a website using Plone is always a great first step. The linked list of GSoC ideas is of course from this year's round of work, so many of the topics will change, but they can give you a solid idea of the types of work we like to do during GSoC.

Once again, thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Plone community!

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Thanks @cewing ,looking forward for contributing .
But there is one problem ,I have seen that most of repo on github is in python whereas I want to contribite in js and node.js and html css react in frontend.
so what to do ,please help

Have a play-around with https://github.com/plone/plone-react

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@Rotonen makes a great point, @Rupeshiya. You can also take a look at our gatsby integration work which was completed as a part of this year's GSoC. But in either case, you'll want to download Plone itself, set up a site with it, and use it for a bit to ensure that you understand what it is and how it works. You can do that without needing Python skills. A good starting point is to use docker to set up a local Plone instance. That way you can run it on your own machine and play with it without too much work.

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