Volto Cannot POST /login

backend works well with classic UI.

I have installed 3 times, same issue.

Om1221 via Plone Community wrote at 2023-5-19 08:54 +0000:

backend works well with classic UI.

Please look into the logfile or via the ZMI the error_log object
(in the Zope root).
Do you see exception/traceback information logged?

There have been various problems with the latest Zope release
because JS used by Volto/plone.restapi does not strictly follow
the specifications (using a charset parameter for a mime type
without parameters, using a Content-Type header without a request body).

Those problems should be fixed in Zope master.
Alternatively, you could try to downgrade Zope to version 5.8.

Thank you so much! Just solved by change RAZZLE_BIND_ADDRESS from default to the external IP.

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This is because the JavaScript hasn't loaded correctly (hence the unstyled page). The login endpoint for Volto doesn't currently work without JS, but it is a standard form and so will attempt to POST to /login if JS isn't loaded. Volto doesn't handle this case currently.