Volto Cannot POST /login

backend works well with classic UI.

I have installed 3 times, same issue.

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Om1221 via Plone Community wrote at 2023-5-19 08:54 +0000:

backend works well with classic UI.

Please look into the logfile or via the ZMI the error_log object
(in the Zope root).
Do you see exception/traceback information logged?

There have been various problems with the latest Zope release
because JS used by Volto/plone.restapi does not strictly follow
the specifications (using a charset parameter for a mime type
without parameters, using a Content-Type header without a request body).

Those problems should be fixed in Zope master.
Alternatively, you could try to downgrade Zope to version 5.8.

Thank you so much! Just solved by change RAZZLE_BIND_ADDRESS from default to the external IP.


This is because the JavaScript hasn't loaded correctly (hence the unstyled page). The login endpoint for Volto doesn't currently work without JS, but it is a standard form and so will attempt to POST to /login if JS isn't loaded. Volto doesn't handle this case currently.

I have installed Plone v6.0.6 and am having the same problem. I still have not resolved it.
Could you please elaborate on the solution you have done?

Best regards.