UI/UX Summit Hangout

Hi all,

We haven't been able to get anything consistent out of the "UI Team" for some time.

For now, since meetings haven't been productive, I thought I'd organize an informal, everyone is invited UI/UX Summit on Google Hangouts. Things that will happen there are:

  • discussions of new topics, work being done UI/UX related(javascript, plone.(org|com), mockup, patternslib, mosiac, theme, etc)
  • demos, quick reactions
  • grips, concerns
  • volunteering on tickets, testing


  • UI team has been inconsistent
  • people have too many meetings. meetings are annoying


  • much less meetings, maybe once every 6 or 8 weeks?
  • planned showcases, presentations. Less like a "meeting", less people staring at each other wondering what we should talk about
  • find ways to highlight work being done more
  • ANYONE is invited!

Mark your calendar for May 21st. Specific time will be in a follow up message!


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Count me in!

Me too.

I am very pleased to announce that Brian Ledwell has agreed to take on the role of UI team lead.

Brian was my Plone co-conspirator / agitator at UW Oshkosh beginning in 2004. He is a user-centric thinker, as he has a Fine Arts background and is always interested in training and mentoring users. He received leadership training, so is able to apply Jedi techniques on people; he's good - hold onto your wallets! :wink:

As the person responsible for almost 300 centrally hosted sites, he is keen on giving users, power users, and site owners the tools they need to get things done.

Not that there's any pressure on him, but we expect great things from him now! :smile:

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I'm interested. Especially if there's a some kind of kickoff hangout that gives a good overview of the Plone 5 way and tools!

I'm 100% in ! And I can do an overview of the plone 5 way :slight_smile:

Ramon, by Plone 5 way, do you mean you'll go over how to make a bundle?

Hi all,

The schedule for the Summit is openly available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fOf7hicAAKIWWLSIfgYU4bLD3aZ9rFqrUUXzJbK9xcw/edit?usp=sharing

Schedule looks good and I can lock down my May 21. But what time will this start?

I haven't decided on a time yet. I'll release a time soon. I just need to figure out the best time that'll work across most timezones.

Looking at the doc, this seems to be focused primarily on Plone 5. Am I reading it correctly?
That would be a great topic in and of itself, but I was wondering about UI/UX directions beyond 5. I have built a little demo with Meteor that I hope might give a glimpse of what's possible with full-stack reactivity. I'd be happy to show it next week or later on.

Yes, I'd only like to focus on Plone 5 right now until we get it shipped. There is still a decent amount of things that need to get tackled before we pass beta.

Once we ship Plone 5, let's start talking about Plone 6.

I'd love to see your meteor stuff. Maybe start a new thread and do your own hangout demo?

... about the time, "office hours" would be strongly appreciated :wink:

I think staying focused on Plone 5 is a good approach. I'm also interested in your Meteor project Fulvio but not for this hangout.

Nathan, just start collecting names and contact info via a sign up form. Have the form suggest the two best windows of time and their timezone and then we can set the best time based on that information.

Also I'm volunteering to summarize the presentation as best as possible for the sake of persons who are unable to make the live presentation and also for persons like me who need to digest new information for a while.

My goal is to get a good understanding of the Plone 5 way and see if some of my conventions that I've developed for Plone 4 are still applicable and what adjustments I'll have to make to get going on Plone 5.

How does 9am Central time work?

I'll send out a formal and final announcement soon.

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That would be 16:00 in Zurich/Europe. If 2 hours are sufficient, then good for me!

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How long do you think the Hangout will last? I can do an hour within the window of 8:00 am CST and 12:00 pm CST.

Sounds good. I am working on a screencast and a few blog posts on the subject of reactivity.

@pigeonflight missed your message. I think it'll be an hour long.