UI Components for Plone

Following up on this thread:

I think it would be very useful to have a collection of UI components for plone. This becomes very useful when designing new views and backend interfaces.
In general, there isn't really a common standard for designing a control panel. I have more to say but just dropping a not here.

Like http://patternslib.com/ ?

This is more of a UI Kit for UX designers.
It would have predesigned components that they could bring into their mockups.
The benefit is that they could quickly mockup new visual layouts using representative elements that align with "Plone standards". I put standards in quotes because I'm not sure that we have UI standards defined.

We have something like that that can be used as a starting point, look for test_rendering, e.g.: https://plone.org/test_rendering

That is what https://github.com/plone/pastanaga + https://pastanaga.io/ is supposed to be but it doesn't really get updated in those places anymore I think. Instead what seems to be happening is @Albert is designing things and its going directly into https://github.com/plone/volto and https://github.com/plone/pastanaga-angular and not published elsewhere on the web (is this right @tisto @sneridagh ?). And also there is no implementation with the existing plone UI/theming story that anyone is doing to my knowledge.

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Thanks @alert... I forgot about that. It is, indeed, a start, there are definitely missing widgets.