Training Team Meeting

Announcement: Next Training Team Hangout

Tuesday, March 15 at 7pm CET

The training-team is a group of people interested in Plone Trainings at conferences and otherwise. Members so far are mostly people who gave trainings based on but we are open to anyone who is interested to join.

We'll meet at 7pm CET in a google hangout. The URL will be posted here and sent to the irc-channels #training and #plone shortly before.


  • Suggestions for Trainings at Ploneconf 2016
  • Organizing Trainings outside of Ploneconf
  • Improvements to the training-documentation

Please join us :slight_smile:

Notes from the last meeting (March 8)

Present: Fulvio Casali, Maik Derstappen, Franco Pellegrini, Simone Orsi, Philip Bauer

Among the things discussed were some ideas for new trainings:

  • Advanced Plone Development focussing on the ZCA. (Guido Stevens offered to give that)
  • Plone TTW focussing on Mosaic, Rapido, Dexterity, Diazo (maybe Eric Bréhault would like to give that)
  • Pyramid Trainings

I'll refactor the theming training and simplify it by reducing the whole resource registry and plone-compile-resources stuff.
We will use a more simpler way like the barceloneta theme does and will also provide some possible setup's like Gulp, Grunt and so on.

The hangout is here:

Sally Kleinfeldt:

Cris and Kim and I have been thinking about the conference training classes, and I'm sure you have too! We'd like to share the ideas we've come up with about what we'd like to do, and we'd like to hear what you'd like to do.

Our overarching idea about this conference is to expand the audience beyond the usual suspects, focusing on attracting integrators, designers, users, and those less familiar with Plone. We are also going to be including other Python web technologies (similar to San Francisco but not in a separate track.) The goal of course is to increase Plone's presence in the US. The training classes we offer are an important component of that strategy. Our basic idea is to

  • Offer a variety of shorter "workshops" that these new audiences would be interested in
  • Have a mix of 2, 1, ½ day trainings
  • Let people combine as they wish (in some clever way so we don't create a scheduling nightmare)

We are planning to line up 4 or 5 rooms in close proximity to make it easy for folks to go from one training to another. The shorter workshops will have no time for setup, so our idea is that all workshop trainings would run off of pre-configured cloud VMs. (We will be looking for sponsors to donate these.)

We've done a bunch of brainstorming about topics and have narrowed it down to the ones we feel are most interesting/important. There are more topics here than we will have room for, but we wanted to have a larger list to chose from so we'd be sure to find the number we need. Maybe some of these that can't become trainings can become talks. (We are doing active outreach to line up talks that fit with our goals.) Here's the list:

Two Days:

  • Plone 5 Developer
  • Javascript for Plone Developers (OR split into 2 one day topics OR can this be just 1 day)

One Day:

  • TTW Theming (day 1)
  • Advanced Theming and Customizing (in packages) (day 2)
  • Content Management and Webmaster (OR may be better to break this up into 2 workshops, content and webmasters - remember there were insufficient Bucharest signups)
  • ZCA Framework (Guido has offered - not sure if his intention is 1 or 2 day - possibly a ½ day intro would be better - this might be interesting for the other-Python-framework people we'll be trying to attract)

Half Day Workshops:

  • Learn Plone! (or Try Plone! or something like that - content manager training - IF we decided to break up above topic - if signups are low we could consider offering free to non-conference attendees)
  • Plone webmaster (TTW config and management, no sysadmin - IF we decided to break up above topic)
  • Using content rules to your advantage
  • Getting the most from collections
  • Deployment of a Plone site - combines some/all of the OpsWorks, Heroku, Ansible topics (we have a lightly customized Plone site we want to deploy)
  • Writing chameleon templates
  • Customizing search, including faceted search, advanced search, Solr, Google
  • Custom workflows
  • TTW content types
  • Pyramid for micro blogging (aka, building a simple web service with Pyramid)
  • How to make a blog in Plone
  • Rapido (Eric has offered)
  • Using Mosaic to do page layouts

We collect training ideas here: