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(I am working on this):

Is there a way to 'import a less (settings) file from the command line'

Now: I have 'theme.less' which imports 'theme-variables.less' (font sizes and colors).
Would it be possible to do something like:

lessc 'theme.less' --with-redtheme-settings.less 'red-theme.css'

lessc 'theme.less' --with-bluetheme-settings.less 'blue-theme.css'

To answer my own question:
The solution is to put the theme.less in one folder and the variables.less in the red-theme folder.
In theme.less, just import 'variables.less'

cd redtheme
less /path/to/theme.less theme.css

We just released Barceloneta NG, a customizable version of the default Plone 5 Barceloneta theme.


  • multiple color variants
  • customizable footer and colophon
  • doormat like footer with footer portlets
  • boxed and wide layout options

See the docs with screenshots at The zip version can be downloaded from Github (it requires for changing the options when uploaded TTW).


I have started a 'little similar' project,
collective.multitheme ( )

In this project, I have moved away from setting the settings in the control panel, and instead set them in Mosaic (themefragments).

Maybe these project should 'join forces'.

Anyway, if someone could have a look at these project and…

a) Give feedback about which approaches that makes most sense.
b) I REALLY need some help with making different 'portal-top's (alternative versions of top-menu, etc). If this is doable without using diazo it would be great.
c) If someone could share some 'useful rapido stuff' it would be great (I have not learned it yet).

I put together a small video (

(PS: The error when installing the theme is because it was already installed.. installation is slow since it (for now) adds demo content)

Hi @espenmn, that looks very good! We should definitely see if we can join both approaches.

We created the Barceloneta NG for a customer to have an easier theme configuration with the default theme. I wanted to have it ready for the conference but time didn't allow it.

I'm overdue to look at these projects, multitheme and spirit (the thing that powers configuration of BarcelonetaNG) I like the benefit of easily adding theme components and configuration. The ideas here are the right direction.

... @espenmn and @tmassman you should plan to be part of the Theme sprint :slight_smile:

@espenmn the approach reminds me a bit of mobirise

@pigeonflight I already submitted my preferred dates. End of next year would be best for me since it is very likely that I'm already in the US at this time.

We could use a lot from 'there', should not be too difficult.

I would prefer if it was possible to also make the site layouts with Mosaic, though. then we would not have to 'introduce more stuff'..

@tmassman :+1: no problem will check on the form.

Unfortunately, I have far too little Plone-work to justify a 1300USD flight, if so, I would have to 'consider it a holiday'

Many of us consider it a must-do, because we think of the Plone community as long time friends (if "family" is too clichéd). I'm forever amazed at the smart yet not showboaty and helpful and committed people I see and work with in Plone. I have never worked on another project that had such a compelling reason for me to get and stay involved. So yeah, there's a cost to attending, but I know how much I've regretted the times I did not go. :slight_smile:

I know that coming from Europe it's very expensive. I skipped some of the sprints I wanted to attend in the past as well because of that reason. But you can always join remotely. Any help on this topic is highly appreciated.

… have already spent 10 years on this topic :slight_smile:

Added 'Countdown' and 'Counter' blocks 'influenced by mobilise.

I can not get Images and related items to work with themefragments.
Can someone be bothered to make a rapido one ? (dont bother about the styling, I can fix that).

I do not want to make 'normal tiles', since it is easier to customise fragments TTW (?)

PS: What happened to 'inline tiles' ?

That was fast!

In case you want a quick look at the project, I added a site
planer / themer2017


I just took a look.
Based on what I'm seeing, by convention, a user must place all slides in the "slider" folder?

Okay... to answer my own question. The location of the slides is configurable.

I like the ability to change the icons on the featured items via a menu. An end user could do a lot with this.

I can not get the related items to work (to pick a folder), so this was the only way I got it work,

PS: This goes for a lot of the other fragments, too