Help us set a date for the Theme Porting Plone Sprint in Kingston, Jamaica

You have a burning desire to improve the theming situation with Plone.
You would like to have dozens or even hundreds of really outstanding themes that are ready to go. Basically, out of the box themes for Plone.


Then come and put in the work at the Kingston Theme Porting Sprint. To be held in Kingston, Jamaica.


Of course you are... fill out the form provided


dude, this isn't a Plone form :slight_smile:

:upside_down: It's a theming sprint (that's my excuse).

I've edited the title a bit. At this stage I'd like to get a feel for the best dates between now and December 2018. Once we get a few persons to agree on the best window of time we can start planning more details.

Just re-iterating that the information needed at this time is to help with planning the optimal time for a sprint in Jamaica (it should take less than 2 minutes to complete the form).