[Solved] Plone 6.0.0 instead of Plone


during Install Plone from its packages – Install — Plone Documentation v6.0, at step plone_version [6.0.0], I asked for but, according to http://localhost:3000/controlpanel, the version installed is still “Plone 6.0.0”.

How could I now get the last version without erasing all my setup?

What you see in the controlpanel is the version of the Plone package. The Plone package version in release is still 6.0.0. To see:


Probably what has changed is the version of plone.app.blocks. To see:

So to confirm you have to check which version of plone.app.blocks is in your environment. If it's 6.0.2, you're probably using Plone release

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OK, thanks.

It would be nice for the version of the release (until the major.minor.patch level) to be displayed in “Version Overview” on the .../controlpanel page.