SiteImprove integration for Plone & Castle CMS

We received a contact request on from They inquired about having an integration with Plone, similar to the ones already at

I had a hangout yesterday with their sales contact and their sales engineer.

It seems like a good idea to me, and certainly I am interested in having something similar in Castle CMS (we have accessibility compliance checking in Castle's content quality check feature and Google Analytics reporting on each page, if you have it enabled) since SiteImprove combines those features plus spell checking, broken links, and a bazillion other things).

This is an FYI, in case anyone is interested in picking it up or helping to make it happen...

Is anyone interested in getting together to build this plugin?

Hey @tkimnguyen, I've posted a GSoC idea discussion for this. Should we link to this from there? Or to there from this?

Thx @cewing - I'll put a link to this on the GSoC thread and we can continue there.