New Plone integration with SiteImprove is a service that runs many different types of analyses on your web site and can really make a difference in helping you raise and maintain a high level of quality of content, accessibility, and speed among many other measures.

We put SiteImprove on the GSoC 2018 project list but it did not get selected as a project for GSoC.

However, we had the good fortune to have Jazkarta take on the project on behalf of Plone. Specifically, Alec Mitchell, Witek @witek, and Sally Kleinfeldt @sally have created the new collective.siteimprove add-on

As a result, not only can Plone site owners view SiteImprove's analysis of their web site content directly from Plone, but Plone itself is featured on SiteImprove's CMS plugins page

Thank you Jazkarta, Sally, Witek, and Alec!

collective.siteimprove description

This package is a Plone add-on that provides integration with, a service for maintaining and improving website content.

Siteimprove provides customers with automated scans of their websites which check for content quality, accessibility compliance, SEO, and performance.

The add-on gives content editors immediate feedback on the quality of pages that they publish, with a summary report provided in a page overlay and links to more details.

This lets Siteimprove customers see problems while they are in the process of editing a page on their Plone site, instead of getting emailed a report after the fact and needing to click through links to fix things.

collective.siteimprove provides the integration with Siteimprove’s CMS plugin API that is required to provide these features. The only thing Plone admins need to do is install the add-on and configure a Siteimprove token.

For more information on using Siteimprove within Plone, see How to navigate the Siteimprove CMS Plugin.


  • Control panel for requesting and saving a token
  • Siteimprove overlay button shows for authorized users on all default views
  • Overlay button provides link to login/logoout to Siteimprove account
  • Overlay button can show summary info for the domain or info for the page you are on, for publicly visible content
  • Overlay button provides link to manually trigger page recheck action
  • Overlay button provides link to re-crawl site
  • Publishing or saving a published page triggers recheck action

(This continues the discussion from SiteImprove integration for Plone & Castle CMS)


Unfortunately Siteprove would not play a major role in our customer projects due to the high pricing and their incapability being compliant with the EU GDPR privacy regulations.

As far as I know, the price of SiteImprove wasn't that high. Yes, it's a paid service, but it's a very good one.

Suggestions are welcome for a different but similar service that works for the EU.

A big objective of the work was to ensure Plone's presence among the other supported CMSs.