selecting a new Linux distribution

I am new to open-source and know very little about Linux.
Can someone recommend a Linux distribution for me to install?
I'm considering installing a new Linux distribution because I currently use an older version of Ubuntu. Which distribution ought to I set up on my computer?
I want to start contributing to Plone as well, thus I need to know which new distro to install.

Any current Linux distribution will do it.

If you feel confortable with ubuntu you could install the current version as well.

Choose a desktop you feel confortable with.

See also the comments in following topic.

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Ubuntu Lts 22.04 is the Dist I have downloaded.

All mainstream and decent Linux distributions should be fine.
Ubuntu is widely used and safe to use.

I have been asked to 'set up something for someone'.

Is CentOS 7 OK?
(I am not used to not having apt)

Probably not, due to EOL status.

One of my ISPs, who used CentOS for decades until the CentOS 8 Stream announcement, uses and recommends Rocky Linux as the best replacement.

Thanks, I had some problems installing it, I would suggest them to change.