What version of Linux for developing zope applications

I would like to collect your advice for the choice of a Linux version for a development environment.

My situation is as follows. Currently I am developing my Zope applications on a MacBook with Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac running Debian 10. I ran into some problems with this set up and it turns out that Debian 8 and 9 are compatible with Parallels, but Debian 10 is not anymore.

I have to choose another version of Linux (possible options: https://kb.parallels.com/124223).

And as this is the case now, I wonder whether there are any reasons to prefer one or the other or even may be to disregard specific versions?

Presumably, it is relevant to add that I am not well versed in Linux, most of my time with Zope was spent in a windows environment.

I would appreciate any recommendation.

Generally, running Zope is not very demanding.

I develop locally on Ubuntu 18.04 (previous Debian 6, Linux Subsystem for Windows..), our servers run on Nixos.

I know some who develop on Mac directly.

Others really prefer to develop in a Virtual Machine, e.g. via Vagrant.

I can't recall but I am sure I had to install some C headers ... when I set up my machine.

Actually, I think anything is good except for a blank Windows machine.

P.S.: As I have no Mac I cannot help you with Parallels.

Simply spoken: Linux is Linux.
Any modern Linux distribution will do.

Just make sure you have (in whatever flavor of GNU/Linux) developers tools installed +

  • On Debian/Ubuntu this is apt install build-essential
  • RHEL systems (YUM & RPM) use yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'.
  • make sure you have prequisite libraries needed build Plone/Zope
  • Don't forget to install Pillow (fork of PIL)

Manjaro works as well.

There is no need for that. You can run Zope on OSX.

Since Plone runs on OSX, so does Zope.


Thanks all, appreciate!