Report on UW Oshkosh Computer Science Software Engineering II class progress

A while back I mentioned that I would be helping some CS students in their software engineering class, which is focused on open source. This year, they are working with Plone. So far, they have made their way through a lot of the Mastering Plone training material, and they're coming up with project ideas. These are not final yet:

  • gamification: coming up with a fun way to encourage new Plone users to learn the features of Plone
  • a Plone installer that lets you browse through add-ons and add them to your installation
  • a Windows Plone installer, based on pyinstall
  • develop new Plone 5 Diazo themes (similar to the GSOC 2016 project by Vikas)
  • develop some charting capabilities for collective.easyform
  • a built-in accessibility compliance checker for Plone

The students have formed teams of 2-3 people each, so there are a few more teams who have not yet posted their ideas.