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Continuing the discussion from Report on UW Oshkosh Computer Science Software Engineering II class progress:

One of the students is colorblind and in looking at our continuous integration processes he mentioned that is hard to see... Any chance @gforcada we could improve that?

The students were all asked to evaluate the CI for Plone vs OpenMRS, and almost all said they thought Plone's was better :slight_smile: based on the good documentation, the nice display of test build results, the automated test runs. Thank you for the lovely work, CI team!

@tkimnguyen I can't find really anything on that would help without much effort.

If you can narrow down what are the specific problems (I read that maybe the green/red balls could be) we have a specific CSS that we load on it that we have full control over:

So if they want to provide a pull request for fixing some things, or at least know what are the specifics, it would be really helpful.

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I will ask. Thx for the quick reply!

This was a solution that works for my particular deuteranopia subset of color-blindness. A universal fix could use an SVG icon perhaps.

Attached: PR and screenshot of difference between my change (left) and the current status (right).

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