"Reply to this email" does not work

I receive emails for new messages in this forum. At the end, I am told

To respond, reply to this email or visit ...

I tried this with a response to "http://community.plone.org/t/cannot-delete-contents-in-user-folders/1220/1". The resulting response in the forum was essentially empty.

I am not at all satisfied with the (technical) performance of this forum and wish back the mailing list.

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Uhm, I started a mailinglist/forum-addon a while ago, it's pretty beta and without the bling-bling yet, but the base-functionality works:
Users of a group can post discussions and reply to them via the web-UI or E-Mail, and posts can have categories.
Find it on: https://github.com/ida/adi.forumail/
If you'd like to give it a shot, I'd be happy about feedback, of course.
BTW, newbies are explicitly encouraged to participate in further developing that addon.
Best, Ida

thx - see "reply to this message" disabled in email notifications