Reply/Post by email still don't work

Even after upgrading and checkking all settings post and reply by email still don't work. We are working on it as time permits.

Hi martior (and everyone),

I'd like to pick up on your suggestion of a Plone-based solution. As already exposed, I'd love to see it, and am willing to regularly spend 4h/week upon it, if there is a mutual interest.

Mainly beloved contentrules & Co.[1] (kudos to all of the involved creators contributors!) and H.P. Locher's and S. Eletzhofer's creation "mailtoplone.base"[2] & Co.[3] can make it happen, to have a mailinglist-forum-hybrid.

What I could make working so far, is:

  • Send out mail-notifica upon updates made via the UI, using the super-flexible and -powerful contentrules, allowing to change variable-insertions (f.e. keywords for the categories) TTW, in contrary to J. Atwoods, who seems to have difficulties to grant that functionality[4], and get all of the manipulation-possibilities along the way (f.e. check for included keywords in a freshly created mailpost and cut'n'paste the item into the fitting folder).
  • Listen to incoming mails via a cron and push them as a Contenttype into a Plone-folder. That'll allow to use the "all_contents"-view on a postings'/mailreplies'-list and have them sorted by subject, for now.

The goal would be:

  • Attach mailreplies as comments (latter seems to have gotten a lot of love of T. Stollenwerk and seems to be pretty conflict-free by now, imho and as of quick evals).
  • Include polling-feature (f.e. via Products.Poll) to have better numbers about what the community actually needs, avoid repetitions, etc.
  • And first but not feast: Prep a userstory[5]
    Additionally nice to include:
  • collective.ajaxkeywords

This is intentionally a most rough description to figure out, if more people could be interested in a Plone-solution, and if I have possibly overseen existing solutions. Of course I'm happy to provide more infos and answer quests about it, furtheron.

I would also like to see the work you do voluntarily being paid, in order to guarantee maitenance and value the importance of keepin' the communication-infrastructure up. Same goes for the main responsible persons for documentation and communication, btw. Combined with the other promising moves going on, I might turn my mind and become a paying member one day :slight_smile:

Best, Ida


It doesn't seem to work again. I've just realised a lot of my posts never got sent out. Who do I ping?

I would be interested in posting via email too.

Possibly OT but related.

There is a setting in Preferences:
Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, or mentions my @username

which I have had selected since joining but I have never once received a notification. Does this work for everyone else?

How about now @iain

Hello Kim,


According to the 'elapsed time since post' indicator (top right of your post) that was 42 minutes ago. I should have received something long since.

I'll go and check my mail server logs to make sure nothing funny is happening.

[Edit: I just checked my mail server, there were no incoming notification messages from the forum.]

So is there a bug tracker for or someone responsible for inbound email integration?

@martior is the man

This topic came up in the team leaders meeting yesterday. We are working on it...

I think one of the issues is user level. The system doesn't allow post-by-email from level 1 users. That's what Andreas was running into.

I rebooted the server.

Note that I do not use the Email notification from, and only check the site when I have time. So if anything is urgent and not working ping me on irc (martior) or mention it in the channel.