Python version used by Plone 5

ello everyone
I would like to know how to check which installation of python (the version that installs with plone or the one we installed ourselves) is used by Plone 5.
In the same vein, I would like to know how to tell Plone 5 which version or installation of Python to use.
If anyone has an idea thank you for helping me.

check the scripts bin/instance or bin/zeoclient...they should have the path to the interpreter used in the shebang.

Thank you Andreas,
Indeed the path is well indicated just after the shebang.
It is the python program installed with Plone 5 which is indicated and not python 2.7.16 that I installed and declared to the path.
It is troubling. Indeed, when I installed Plone 5.1.4, I had error messages during startup. Indeed it pointed to Python 3.7.3 installed.
It was by decoding the error message that you helped me understand that.
At the time, the problem had stopped as soon as I declared and put Python in the path.
Thanks for your help.

How did you install Plone, with the unified installer?

Absolutely, I installed Plone with Plone-5.1.5-UnifiedInstaller.

What command line arguments did you provide it? I’m curious whether you specified a particular Python version and how you did that with the installer

The unified installer checks the system Python for suitability and uses it if it is suitable, otherwise it stops to ask you what you’d like to do. One of the choices is for it to build a suitable Python version, which it would place inside the target directory containing the Plone installation

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