Pylons Project Assimilation Team

Meeting called to order at 19:01 UTC.



Érico Andrei
Paul Everitt
Carol Ganz
Alexander Loechel
Michael Merickel
Steve Piercy
Bert JW Regeer
Paul Roeland
Matthew Wilkes
Nejc Zupan


Attendees briefly introduced themselves and expressed their interest in the purpose of this team.

The purpose of this team is to bring the Pylons Project under the Plone Foundation to establish legal and financial instruments to handle intellectual property, licensing, and the receipt and disbursement of funds.

New Business

Prioritization of issues

From all the issues in the issue tracker, the team set their top priorities as follows.

Next Meeting

Fourth Monday of the month, 19:00 UTC, resuming January 28, 2019.


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