Problems with (Plone 5)

  1. create a Collection to show just some events, not necessarily in the future. Change the 'display' (layout) of the Collection results and choose event_listing. You get a page with title Future events, even if your events are not in the future!


  1. create a Collection to show events in the past, sort on 'Event end date' with 'Reversed Order', and the result page still tell you "Future events" and does not respect the order (even if when editing, the sorting appears correctly)

(same if you put events on a folder and select event_listing and also portlet_events have the same problems)

In all cases, if you select other "displays", like 'summary_view', title and sorting are ok!

So (and are seriously broken, and I wonder how this is possible?

The event_listing works like that on purpose. It's a calendarish view to events in the current context, which can be a Folder or a Collection. Since it's a calendar like view, it has the following limitations or features, regarding on your viewpoint:

  • It ignores everything, which is not an Event (technically it only shows objects providing the IEvent interface).
  • It has an "Upcoming/Future Events" and a "Past Events" view mode.
  • It sorts on start date ascending for the Future events to show the very next events first.
  • It sorts on start date descending for past events, to show the most recent events first.
  • It ignores any sorting of the Folder or Collection.

But you can use collections to aggregate events in your portal and apply the event_listing view on that collection.

The only thing which is broken here is the documentation, because I think this is not properly documented.

If you want something else, like it's the normal case with customers requirements, you can subclass this view and change it to your needs.

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"But you can use collections to aggregate events in your portal and apply the event_listing view on that collection"

by the way, did you ever bother to read my post??

Sure, I did. Did I misunderstood you?
You think event_listing is broken which it isn't. It just works different than you expect. I take you seriously and therefore I think the documentation must be fixed to correct that expectation.

I don't know if it is you or me.
Did you follow my examples?
Don't you notice something "strange"?
I think it is broken, even worse, seriously broken.

Also, if you try to "customize" via portal_view_customizations you get this when viweing...

TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable - Expression: "python:view.date_speller(data.start)" - Filename: ... ew_customizations/zope.interface.interface-event_listing - Location: (line 47: col 29)


portal_view_customizations doesn't work for most of the templates/views.
This is because, as far as i know, you cannot call FS-Views (FS-P-Python code) from a TTW customized View that way. It only work for older views which uses Restricted-Python.

If you want to override templates you can use z3c.jbot to override them in the file system, see here: