Por onde começar um projeto Plone 6?

Observei que existem diversos repositórios e orientações para configuração de uma instância do Plone, em especial na versão 6, por exemplo:

  • Usando cookicutter-plone-start
  • Usando algum dos docker-compose.yml da documentação
  • Dos diversos repositórios do portal Brasil

A minha dúvida é, por onde começar?
Também, quando uso docker como customizar o layout?

Recomendo começar pelo episódio 1 da série "mão na massa":

Já vi todos esses vídeos não encontro coisas elementares, como alteração de design e trocar a senha do usuário admin.

Nos vídeos tudo parece muito simples mas não encontro nenhum tutorial ou algo do tipo para colocar um blog no ar por exemplo.

It’s true we don’t currently have good user documentation for Plone 6 but we are working on it.

Interesting question, how to change the admin password! You do that by going to the back end, e.g. localhost:8080/manage then acl_users (i don’t have it in front of me to give you a more specific answer) because admin is a Zope user, not a Plone user.

To put a blog on the internet, we have several tutorials though they’re in need of updating. I posted one here earlier … I will find it

Ok this is about how to create a discussion forum using base Plone

When you say you’d like to know how to get a blog on the internet, are you asking how to create a server and install Plone on it? Or more about how to configure Plone so it can serve as a blog?

Yes, up and running Plone on Linux, and customize this instance, theming por example.

Have you looked at the Plone installation instructions?

Since you say you want to customize it, I'd recommend " * Method 2: Install using packages - for developing custom applications, themes, and add-ons for Plone."

How familiar are you with using a service like Linode.com, DigitalOcean.com, Amazon AWS, etc.?

Using docker samples is possible customize theme?

It depends on what kind of customization you mean. Simple things are settings you can change. Others require installation of a Volto theme or addon. Others require development. Doing that with a Docker setup is more complicated. Maybe others can answer this question better.

Try posting a specific question under a new thread, like “how to customize a Volto theme if using Docker”. Unless you are asking about Classic UI?

@rogeriothe I was reminded that the Plone Deployment training covers how to do this. Please see Plone Deployment — Plone Training 2023 documentation