to Plone 6 Sprint report Feb 18-19 2022

Great progress in the latest sprint, thank you everyone for your contributions!

Here are some highlights on things that were worked on (see Sprint document for more details and links):

  • content and target group analysis and design for the new version, information architecture, nav structure, main page content and more
  • Deployment
  • Block conversion
    • Released version 0.3.2 to npm and docker hub
  • Foundation member content type work
    • Initial (server side) implementation done
    • There is an issue with plone.restapi AND content types that define their own add permission. (i.e.: ploneorg.core.AddFoundationMember)
      • A user with ploneorg.core.AddFoundationMember but without cmf.AddPortalContent will not be able to create a content using the restapi
      • The workaround was to create a container where Member have both permissions.
  • Some fixes
  • Frontpage content, navigation structure, content ideas: using test site
    • Suggesting Videos section
  • General Plone 6 improvements
  • Submitted a pull request to plonecmf readme
  • Case study content type planning and discussion
  • Translations help needed - look for the instructions:
  • A longer plone 6 presentation - how to present what Plone 6 is?
    • Written for non-techies
    • Highlights new features, includes all features
  • Move @@migrate_to_slate form to plone.volto and make it callable a a script
  • Update Types from (Update, Migrate, Volto-views):
    • Hotfix
    • Vulnerability
  • Update Types from ploneorg.core (Update, Migrate, Volto-views):
    • FoundationSponsor
    • FoundationMember
    • plonerelease
  • Rerun the whole migration and hand a migrated DB over to the team for testing
  • Check Plone In A Box server for weird 100% CPU issue
    • This turned out to be a mining binary. Cleaned it off, removed an extra ssh key, rebooted, things look good and clean now. Still trying to figure out how that got on.
  • Helped get Philip a refreshed copy of Data.fs and blobs
  • Create Volto block for FoundationSponsor content type
  • Style idea for using default icons:
    • Light grey background, round edges. Makes them pop up, softens the images
    • Still very clear

Summary of the overall status:

  • Site structure, data architecture and content focus is getting clearer
  • Migration is doable and tested already many times, even with blocks conversion
  • Test site should be available in the next weeks, allowing content creation to start after that

The next sprint will be organized in mid-March 2022. Stay tuned for more details or ask!