Plone Mosaic 1.0 released

Plone Mosaic is reaching the first final release with 1.0rc1. Plone Mosaic 1.0 is now released. As usual with Mosaic, there's a single click preview installation available for Heroku:

A lot of bugs has been crushed. The most visible new feature is the new Layout -menubutton in Mosaic Editor, which (with proper permissios) allows to customize and save re-usable layouts directly from the editor.

Thanks to everyone, who contributed.

To try out Mosaic on Plone 5, you need to add into your Plone site eggs list and the following version settings:

plone.tiles = 1.5.2 = 2.2.1 = 3.1.0 = 1.0 = 1.0 = 1.0

On Plone 4, Mosaic has been tested and used with the following additional version settings, but also any newer Plone 4 compatible version settings should work:

[versions] = 1.2a3 = 2.1.1 = 2.0a4 = 1.8.3 = 1.14 = 2.5.1 = 1.2.2 = 2.1.15 = 1.8.0 = 1.0
plone.dexterity = 2.2.3
plone.formwidget.recurrence = 1.2.5
z3c.form = 3.2.1

The first final release 1.0 will be released in the following weeks. Yet, there may still be new release candidates with bug fixes without further notice.

Mosaic reaching 1.0 does not mean that it's feature complete or without bugs. 1.0 means that Mosaic is considered production ready (and is used in production for a long time already) and we need to get to a proper semver release cycle.

Now that 1.0 is released, we have branched Mosaic into 1.x maintenance branch and 2.x development branch (master). Mosaic 1.x will remain Plone 4 compatible and may receive backported patches from the actively developed 2.x. Mosaic 2.x will only support Plone 5. The goal is to PLIP Mosaic to be bundled as optional add-on into some Plone 5.x feature release.


Thanks to a bugfix from @mauritsvanrees, we are already at = 1.0rc2.

2 Likes 1.0 has now been released without changes from rc2.

FYI: @esteele, @vangheem I've branched and into 1.x and master, and removed testing for Plone 4.x from master branches (, plone.tiles and should remain Plone 4.x compatible or a similar major version increment must be introduced). This gives @vangheem (and others) more freedom for adding new features and refactor old ones. I wish to also return "release management" of and its dependencies back to @esteele. The next release may well be 2.0. I can still manage 1.x releases and backport compatible changes from master (2.x) when required.


Thanx, good work!

awesome work, guys; congratulations! I've followed the development of the product and I need to find out some time to test it.

I think at some point we would build collective.cover on top of Mosaic to get rid of most of its complexity, but that's many months in the future.

best regards!

Thanks @datakurre!


So cool, congrats!

For someone thinking "but how does it work in production", check out e.g. is a Plone 5 -site, a portal to host our university staff homepages (It was just migrated from Plone 3 to Plone 5, actually there's content from 2006 and so on... :slight_smile:

On my page there's nothing too fancy, but there's text, images, video embed, alternate backgrounds and 1-3-column layout, with variating widths.

After messing around with Mosaic for a couple of days, I think it works very well, after you find out how to activate the mosaic view. I need to play/work more with it.

Excellent work by someone with a clear vision and a deep understanding of the underlying problem scope.


Yeah !

Thanks a lot for mosaic !!! I 'just' deployed the first site with mosaic into production, well internal that is but still production.

@rioksane my user had the same struggle, finding out where and how to change/activate/edit mosaic/views was a challenge for them but now they are happy.

Again, thanks to all people making this possible !


just awesome!

Thanks for work!

Just noticed the 'fragments tile', this adds a lot of opertuneties, and should make it so much easier to reuse templates. Great work.

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Thanks for the feedback.

We're working on a configuration of Plone, using mosaic, where we don't have the "display" menu and everything is just "mosaic" by default. We also got rid of default pages, yay! :slight_smile:

Customizing/changing/saving "layouts" still probably needs work however. See:

I'd be interested in hearing opinions on the feature of being able to save customized layouts and selecting from pre-defined layouts. We have an issue with the currently used text tile implementation and saved layouts from the UI that is annoying and needs some work--saved layouts with additional text tiles are not editable until you customize the layout again(this is due to using an optimized version of text tiles: instead storing the text in an annotation, we store it directly on the layout).

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Great great work everyone. And a special thanks to Asko and also Nathan for all the bug fixes. All my current projects involve mosaic in some way.

Looking forward to having a "mosaic" content type. Is there any discussion on how you want this to work? Tiles and or layouts giving a content type a "behaviour" would be interesting. So you can have a news layout, or an event tile that will give this content instance a behaviour, both to save the data in a structured way, but also to look them up for listing like we do with content types today.

The mosaic view is the 'layout_view', and it seems like it is enabled by the 'Layout Support'-behavior.
SO: Disabling 'Layout Support' for all Content types, except your own will give you a Mosaic Content type (sort of)

Fantastic work :slight_smile:

For everyone who is interested in Mosaic, we will have a Sprint which will be focused on Mosaic and Rapido in September, in Leipzig/Germany from 05.09 to 09.09.2016.

all infos here:


On buildout:
Error: The requirement ('>=2.2.1') is not allowed by your [versions] constraint (2.1.0)

Clean Plone 5.0.5 installation! :frowning:

@muthdra if you take a look on the README docs on master, there is a bit better explanation on the version pins you might need to get it installed:

Also, 2.0 should be getting cut shortly.