Plone in Universities

hi there! I spent last week giving a Plone training on one State University over here in Brazil and they asked me about the state o Plone in this market.

can you guys share some information about this? are you using Plone in an University? can I give your contact to my customer?

please let me know.

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This is only a start but there are way more. Are you looking for a specific type of university (size? location? language?). Also see - there are a few universities there.

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We are actively working for University of Bologna and University of Udine, both of them are using Plone for their main website.

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@keul I'd love it if you could get us screen shots and some info to put in the folder, and, even better, in the

For Germany (large scale deployments)

University of Marburg
TU Dresden
TU Bonn
Humboldt University Berlin
University of Giessen
University of Saarbr√ľcken
University of Freiburg

And of course every university has at least one smelly Plone server sitting under the abandoned desk of some researchers.



These university public web sites in Belgium are in Plone:

At University of Namur we are using Plone for our public web sites, our intranet and workflow applications.

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By the way, Plone foundation sponsorship for universities is only $1200/year

and we are still alone :slight_smile:

thanks! I'll pass the information to my customer.

In Mexico, we continue using Plone for our main website at the Institute of Mathematics, UNAM


at the 2015 Tokyo Plone Symposium, the Japanese scene was positively buzzing with Japanese universities doing really cool things with Plone. I'll try to get some more contacs.


University of Bari (Italy) since 2007

and University of Macerata


We are using Plone just as CMS platform for portal of our laboratory:

But our Plone-based system used for participants registration in some scientific conferences including the CERN's Annual Large Hadron Collider Physics Conference (

Speaking for the UK as best as I know....

Birkbeck College, University of London
Many and various groups within University of Cambridge are
University of Leicester

I also believe that Plone is used within Oxford University and the University of the Highlands and Islands
I would be surprised if there weren't more in the UK.

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By the way, we used Plone platform as main entry point for our specialized Linux distribution for Russian schools -- NauLinux. Unfortunately only Russian description of this system exists now:

You may use GooglTranslate to read of this short description, but do not be fooled by GooglTranslation magic -- our system was so far from "PARADISE level" :)...

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Hi @hverlade - glad you asked :slight_smile:

At University of Jyväskylä (Finland) we use Plone for our university website (since 2005), but additionally we have multiple Plone-based customised services, such as:

  • Video publishing platform Moniviestin since 2003 - also used at other universities
  • Study material portal/LMS Koppa and Avoin Koppa
  • Big amount of Plone forms used in various purposes
  • Plomino-applications - powerful, easily customizable form-like applications
  • Scientific journal review systems - heavy use of workflows and content rules
  • Payment systems: shop, payment forms, print quota payments, apply-> pay-> study at Koppa
  • Student wellness program
  • ePortfolio
  • and more

My presentation from Ploneconf 2014 and 2015 dives deeper into these cases and Plone usage

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These are great to see! Would one of you like to update the information at and/or submit a success story for ?

Mondragon Unibertsitatea in the Basque Country, Spain 3 public facing websites
Universidad de Extremadura, Spain main portal


These university public web sites in Venezuela are in Plone:

Universidad de Carabobo - DIMETEL::REDIUC -

Universidad Politécnica Territorial de Mérida Kléber Ramírez -

Programa Nacional de Formación - Agroalimentación -

Proyecto Canaima Universitario en la Universidad Politécnica Territorial de Mérida -

Intranet de Soporte en la Universidad Politécnica Territorial de Mérida -


@hvelarde if you would like to pass them a contact forward them to me. I am a University person and might be a good point of contact.



@macagua :slight_smile: PloneEdu needs a team lead who will keep this information updated on

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